Social Responsibility


Elizabeth ScheelElizabeth Scheel

What are the main classes that you teach?
Criminology; deviance; women and violence; gender, law and social policy; democratic citizenship; methods; juvenile delinquency. The two gender ones are 400/500. I would be willing to do criminology, deviance, or juvenile delinquency on a independent study basis for graduate credit as well.

Where did you graduate from?
BA University of California Santa Cruz in Sociology and Psychology
MA & PhD University of California Irvine in Social Ecology (an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes using knowledge for social change).

What are your areas of interest regarding social change?
My personal passions are: women and violence issues (particularly sexual violence); children's rights; challenging myths about youth and women; peace and non-violence actions; reproductive choice and freedom; with the encouragement of my daughter, I am also called to support environmental issues and animal rights issues. I also believe that social change can happen on many levels and encourage students to find the spaces and places they are comfortable making change while supporting others who fight for change in other spaces and places.

What are some of you hobbies or activities you like to do on your leisure time?
What leisure time? Between teaching, research, supporting students, community work, and my daughter, I have forgotten how to have leisure time.

What is your favorite movie or song?
I'm afraid my favorite movies and songs usually don't follow my politics, so I will just say that I enjoy movies and songs that allow me to express a wide range of emotions. Besides, my "favorites" change every week.

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