Social Responsibility


Heather HackmanHeather Hackman

What are the main classes that you teach?
Hurl 497/597 (sometimes Hurl 201 & a range of independent studies)

Where did you graduate from?
Ed. D -University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M. Ed- (same as above)
B. A. - Occidental college

Do you have any thing you would like to say about the S.R. program?
I appreciate the students involved and their commitment to social change.

What are your areas of interest regarding social change?
LBGT issues
School reform
Anti-racist work as white educators

What are some of your hobbies or activities you like to do on your leisure time?
Outdoor activities and travel

What is your favorite movie or song?
Don't have just one

What presentations, publications, student support activities or community service projects have you focused on in the last couple of years?
I have placed most of my focus on LBGT issues on campus and worked closely with the GLBT Services Office to support both queer students on campus as well as allies.

What publications do you read or would you recommend to students?
The Nation
Mother Jones
Utne Reader
The Progressive

What skills do you teach that empower students to become activists/active global citizens?
Self-reflection, critical thinking, humility, commitment, and a steadfast beliefe in change, hope, and possibility.

What classes do you teach?
Mainly “Human Relations for the Teacher”. Also “Heterosexism and Homophobia” and “Human Relations and Race”

Which of these are available to graduate students?
The first two (HURL 497/597 and HURL 402/502)

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