Social Responsibility

Stephen Philion, Professor

Stephen Philion, Professor of Sociology


Stephen Philion, Professor of Sociology

Director,Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota

Chair, Greater Minnesota Worker Center

Dr. Philion's CV

Dr. Philion was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Thomas Erlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award, a national award presented by the US Campus Compact.

Dr. Philion was nominated for this award by SCSU President Earl Potter lll. Dr.Philion presented on an award winners' panel at the prestigious Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) annual meeting in Atlanta, GA in January, 2013.

Dr. Philion recently won a Taiwan Research Fellowship, from the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, funding his research for 4 months in spring, 2013, on Labor Movement Activism Linkages in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Dr. Philion was a Guest Foreign Researcher at Shihhsin University Graduate Program on Social Transformation. As part of his research, he helped organize a cross-Strait (in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) same day demonstration protesting a Taiwanese supplier to Adidas for abandoning a factory in China without fully compensating left behind workers who suffered from workplace illnesses.

In 2007 and 2012, Dr. Philion's SR advisees, Carmelle Case-Adams and Angie Brown, won the SCSU Distinguished Thesis Award. He also was a thesis committee member of a 3rd student, John Byczynski, who won the SCSU Distinguished Thesis award for his thesis in the Department of History.

Stephen Philion teaches the Social Responsibility Program's Core Seminar on Sociological Theory (SOC 685), Race and Ethnic Relations (SOC 268), Global and Racial Inequality (SOC 498), Practice and Policy (SOC 460) China and Globalization (SOC 462), Sociology of Work (SOC 455/555) and Sociology of Religion (SOC 462) to undergraduate and graduate students.In April, 2013,

In 2009, finished his book Workers Democracy and China's Transition from State Socialism, published by Routledge/Talyor and Francis. He recently edited a Special volume on the Chinese Worker's Movement and the Global Financial Crisis for the journal China Left Review.

He has recently published articles on topics including

He also is the director of the Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota, which sponsors the Annual Global Goes Local Conference in April.


On December 8th, SCSU President Earl Potter III and Dr. Stephen Philion (SOC), Director of the SCSU Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota were interviewed by WJON's Bob Hughes on the April 9-11th. 2012 Global Goes Local Conference.
All his publications, teaching syllabi, and other information on Stephen Philion can be found at his webpage.


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