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Julie AndrzejewskiJulie Andrzejeski

Scholarly and Professional Activities:
Andrzejewski is a professor, activist scholar, and Co-Director of the Master’s degree program in Social Responsibility at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She is the initiator and first editor of Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education (Routledge, 2009) a book that demonstrates how all these issues are interconnected including animal rights. Her co-authored chapter on Interspecies Education for Humans Animals, and the Earth (with Helena Pedersen and Freeman Wicklund) in this volume situates animal oppression and speciesism as foundational to a fully comprehensive understanding of global social responsibility and education. Among numerous articles and book chapters, other books she has authored are: Oppression and Social Justice: Critical Frameworks, and co-authored Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home? (with Karen Thompson) which was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award and received the national Lambda Literary Award. Andrzejewski has a long history of social action including founding a women's center, organizing nationally on GLBT, feminist, and disability issues, supporting legal actions against discriminatory institutions, serving as union president, initiating program development and curriculum transformation for global social responsibility; and directing grants to foster global peace and justice.

Teaching and Program Development:
Andrzejewski initiated the Minor in Human Relations in the 1980's, She developed the capstone course called Change Agent skills where students study and practice active citizenship skills. Over the years, students in her classes have initiated successful projects such as implementing a now nine semester credit MGM (minority, gender, multicultural) general education requirement, starting a shelter for battered women, offering the first GLAD day, initiating activist student groups such as the Student Coalition Against Racism, and Students for Social Change who worked on sweatshop produced campus clothing, etc. Andrzejewski currently teaches undergraduate courses such as Non-Oppressive Relationships I and II, Understanding Oppression, Animal Rights, Human Relations and Race, Change Agent Skills.

After a three year effort, John Alessio, Professor of Sociology, and Andrzejewski co-developed the interdisciplinary Master's Degree in Social Responsibility in 1997 to provide practical research and leadership skills for global social and environmental responsibility. Over 80 students have graduated from this program. Andrzejewski teaches graduate classes: Advanced Human Relations Theory and Issues, Teaching Non-Violence and Social Justice.

Andrzejewski has been involved with numerous projects for social justice over her 30 year career. She was a founding mother of the St. Cloud Women's Center which operated for over 10 years and spawned the battered women's shelter and rape crisis center. She helped organize the national Free Sharon Kowalski Committee and the activism integrating feminism, GLBT issues, and disability rights during that campaign. Andrzejewski spent years on faculty union activities, serving as Faculty Association President in 1990-91. She served on the Board of Directors of the Boston-based Center for Campus Organizing from 1996-2000.

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