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The nonprofit sector offers opportunities that provide a strong sense of doing something meaningful, and making a difference. Often they provide benefits that are not always offered by corporations or government. Many nonprofit organizations encourage diversity more than the private sector, making working conditions more desirable for people of color, women, people with disabilities, seniors, and LGBT persons. Non-profit organizations are great in number. An alphabetical list of selected websites are located on the Social Responsibility website.

Websites This is a link from the website of Idealist. It contains every non-profit jobsite and directory on the web arranged by country and state. It has listings for over 20, 000 organizations around the world. This is the link to the job information page of the National Organizers Alliance. This is the link to the Human Rights job board. The job announcements posted on the site provide opportunities for employment with human rights organizations around the world. This is the website of the Internet Nonprofit Center.

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Non-Profit | Government | Business | Website & Job Resources

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