Social Responsibility

Faculty Research

Jiping Zuo

Rethinking family patriarchy and women’s positions in pre-socialist China, forthcoming. Journal of Marriage and Family.

Marital construction of family power among male out-migrant couples in a Chinese village: A relation-oriented exchange model. Journal of Family Issues, 29, 663-691, 2008.

Shifting the breadwinning boundary: The role of men’s breadwinner status and their ideologies toward family roles. Journal of Family Issues, 25, 811-832, 2004.

Feminization of agriculture, relational exchange, and perceived fairness of marital division of labor in China: A case in Guangxi Province. Rural Sociology, 69, 510-531, 2004.

From revolutionary comrades to gendered partners: Marital construction of breadwinning in urban China. Journal of Family Issues 24: 314-337, 2003.

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