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Social Responsibility

Leoma VanDort Wins Second Place Award in Carolyn Rose Sociologist of Minnesota Essay Competition

Sociologists of Minnesota Carolyn Rose Graduate Division Essay Competition 2nd Place Award !

Leoma VanDort accepts Second Place Award in Graduate Division Carolyn Rose Sociologists of Minnesota Essay Competition, October 2, 2015, for her paper on "Globalization and its Impact on Urban Development in Colombo, Sri Lanka," originally written for SOC 468/568 (Inequality in the World Capitalist System). For more photos of Social Responsibility students and faculty presenting at the 2015 SOM Conference, click on this linik!

2012 SCSU Distinguished Thesis Award!

Each year the School of Graduate Studies recognizes one outstanding thesis at St. Cloud State completed during the last academic year based on thesis originality, importance of the research and potential for significant contribution to the field.

2012 SCSU Distinguished Thesis Award!!

Angie Brown " Queer Youth Community Organizing: Intents and Outcomes of Youth Mobilization in LGBTQ Service Programs".

Thesis Committee Chair Dr. Stephen Philion (SOC), and Committe Members Dr. Sandrine Zerbib (SOC) and Dr. Beth Berila (WS). Click here to read the Nomination Letter for the Award

View Angela's award-winning thesis here

2009 SCSU Distinguished Thesis Award!

Carmelle Adams-Case "Including (and Excluding) the Heterosexual "Ally" in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Identity Movements"

Thesis Committee: Chair: Dr. Stephen Philion (SOC), and Committe Members Dr. Jiping Zuo (SOC), Dr. Linda Mhando (SOC, Penn State).

View Carmelle's award-winning thesis here.


2011 Social Responsibility Student Activism Award

2011 Angie Wambua, Nancy Shedrack Anwary, Angie Brown, Nabila Bhatti

View notes on the 2011 recipients' activities and contributions

2010 Ciru Mugo, Danielle Smith, Sheila Lindsrom, Shaun Phillips

View notes on the 2010 recipients' activities and contributions

First awarded in Spring semester 2010, this award is for students who demonstrate outstanding activism in the areas of social justice, peace, environmental justice, and/or animals during their graduate career in the Social Responsibility program at SCSU.

Hawkinson Foundation Jacobson Scholar

2010 Nabila Bhatti

Awarded for activism in peace and justice.

Friend's Fellowship

2009-2010 Angela Brown


Excellence in Leadership

The University Award for Excellence in Leadership identifies and honors students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership while at St. Cloud State University.

2009 Chrispina Lekule

2008 Godfrey Mnubi

2007 Carrie Hewitt

2002 Trisha Cook

2002 Sharon Sobotta

2000 Fortunata Songora

1998 Gary Cheeseman

Student Leadership Award

To honor and recognize a student who has shown outstanding service to their recognized student organization(s) with their vision, leadership and ability to meet the goals of their student organization(s)

2009 Evelyne Benie

Vera Russell Graduate Student Travel Funds

The Vera Russell Graduate Student Travel Fund was developed to support graduate students who have presented at a regional, national or international professional conference.

2010 Sheila Lindstrom

2009 Evangelina Najera-Marquez

Human Relations/Social Responsibility Scholarship

2010 Honorina Munubi

2009 Danielle Smith

The Human Relations Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2009 and is given to a student who can demonstrate activism on two or more issues involved with social justice, peace, the environment, or animal rights, an understanding of the interconnections between all issues, and understanding that there is no hierarchy of oppressions.

Mary B. Craik Award for Justice and Equality winners

2010 Graduate student: Nabila Bhatti

2002- 2003 Graduate students: Heather Ebnet, Kerri Roesner, Ayako Mochizuki; Undergraduate HURL Minor: Stephanie Penn, Mary Pygnasak

CSOLD Award for Student Group with Most Outstanding Collaboration

2010 Danielle Smith (AniMent Student Organization)

Graduate Student Research Awards

2002 - 2003 Renee Carderelle

Student Research Colloquium participants

The goal of the SRC is to bring together students, faculty and members of the community involved in scholarly and artistic activities representing a range of disciplines, including creative arts, mathematics, business, social science, humanities, physical and life sciences and engineering.

2011 Nathan Svare, Shaun Phillips

2010 Camaya Wallace, Ciru Mugo, Rebecca Matinda

2007 Stacy Brown (Lighting the World/Fifty Lanterns)

2007 Sarah Drake (Somali Language and Tradition)

2007 Aneesh Joshi (Social Activism in India)

2007 Kelly C. Weiley (Globally Focused Service-Learning)

2003 Ayako Mochizuki (Activism in Japan)

2002 Heather Ebnet (Diversity Issues in the Elementary School Classroom)

2002 Jennifer Kraipovich (Socially Responsible Jobs)

Conferences and Presentations

Bhatti Nabila: MNSCU Intersectionality Conference March 2010.

Social Justice Youth Conference, SCSU, (February, 2010)

A presentation to Pax-Chriti Group St. Cloud on Jan 2010 on ‘Perspective of a Pakistani at US war in Afghanistan”

Global Social Responsibility Conference, SCSU, (Fall semester, 2009)

Boyton, Lisa: MNSCU Intersectionality Conference March 2010.

Global Social Responsibility Conference, SCSU, (Fall semester, 2009)

Stuverud, Jennifer: Presentation on Independent Media Film highlighting “Democracy Now” in SCSU on April 28, 2010.

Lindstrom, Sheila: It's Not a Choice: Insights from Latina Migrant Farm Workers - Immigrant Conference at SCSU 4/2010

Addressing Hunger through Food Security Banks - AACS San Antonio TX 10/09

Hegemony and LatinoMigrant Farm Workers MSS Des Moines IA 4/2009

Beyond Hegemony: MigrantFarm workers in Seasonal Agriculture MSS Chicago IL 4/2010

Matinda, Rebecca: Global Social Responsibility Conference, SCSU, (Fall semester, 2009)

MNSCU Intersectionality Conference March 2010.

Phillips, Shaun: The Effect of Gender on Environmental Concern and Worldview among College Students - MSS St. Louis, MO 4/2011

MNSCU Intersectionality Conference March 2010.

Social Justice Youth Conference, SCSU, February, 2010 & October 2010

Global Social Responsibility Conference, SCSU, (Fall semester, 2010)

Global Social Responsibility Conference, SCSU, (Fall semester, 2009)

Accessing Alternate and Independent Media for Environmental and Social Change Workshop, Bioneers Conference, October 2010, St. Paul, MN

Smith, Danielle: Social Justice Conference with Youth from Fall 2008 to Spring 2010

MNSCU intersectionality conference March 2010.

Shea, Staci: MNSCU intersectionality conference March 2010. Presentations to classes as a Women’s Center’s GA: education for international students on sexual harassment & sexual assault & education for freshmen classes on the same topic.

Wanjiru Mugo: MNSCU intersectionality conference March 2010.



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