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St. Cloud State University Social Responsibility Student Organization (SRSO)

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The Social Responsibility Club (SRC) was founded in Spring 2009. The club works to promote awareness and ac­tion on social and environmental justice issues on campus at St. Cloud State University and beyond to the local community. Some of the issues that the club is passionate about are the world food and fresh water crisis, street children in the global south, global poverty and debt relief, genocide, animal rights, free and open immigration, LGBTQ equality, global warming and women’s rights. The Social Responsibility Club strongly believes that social change begins with individual effort, and translates into broader benefit with collective action.

In the Spring 2009 semester, the club conducted a semester-long awareness campaign on the global fresh water crisis. Kicking off with a campus-wide boycott of bottled water, the campaign then teamed up with Minneapolis based organi­zation, Think Outside the Bottle MN to collect signatures for a petition to the state governor that would channel more tax payer money to improving public water works in the state. The campaign then conducted a ‘water audit’ of water fountains on campus at SCSU and submitted a proposal to the university to improve the accessibility of clean and reliable drinking water to the campus community. These events were all featured regularly in campus media and in news syndicates nationally – thereby giving credit to the far reaching messages of the club’s efforts.

This semester (fall 2011) we are assisting the Social Responsibility Program to host the fall 2011 Social Responsibility Conference in October, 3-6, 2011.We hope to bring several organization and interst groups to discuss, educate, and explore ways in which different groups can promote social responsibility. We meet every Wednesday from 1 to 2 pm in the Oak Room in Atwood Center except for break periods and on other days when classes are not held.

We are seeking new members. Contact us for more information.



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