Student Disability Services


What is Student Disability Services (SDS)?

SDS is SCSU's program to provide support service for students with a physical, cognitive or mental/emotional disability. Our goal is to provide facility and programmatic access through reasonable accommodations to allow students with disabilities an equal opportunity for academic success.

Services Offered

If you are planning to attend college the following links will give you important information on your transition to the post-secondary setting.

Transition Resource Guide Webinars:

Based on student need and instructor/student/SDS staff consultation, the following services may be provided:

  • Priority Registration
  • Sign Language/Oral Interpreting
  • Note Taking:
    Volunteer note taking in classes as needed
    Learn How to Become a Volunteer Note Taker
  • Alternative Testing:
    Extended time on tests
    Individually read tests
    Test answers proofread or written from student dictation
  • Taped Textbooks:
    Through SDS office
    Through publishers: i.e. E-text, CD-ROM
  • Support Services:
    Student support for coping in college
    Orientation to buildings: elevators, accessible routes, restrooms, automatic doors, etc.
    SCSU campus map with accessible entrances
    Referrals to other appropriate support services
  • Faculty Assistance:
    Concerning accommodation of disabilities in the classroom, and/or lab, testing situations etc.
    Disability Awareness information for faculty and staff