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The faculty directors are members of the Midwest Association of Public Opinion Research (M.A.P.O.R.) and the American Association of Public Opinion Research (A.A.P.O.R.). The directors subscribe to the code of ethics of A.A.P.O.R.

Dr. Stephen I. Frank

Department of Political Science
51-B 302

Dr. Frank holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science from Washington State University. Dr. Frank teaches courses in American Politics, Public Opinion and Research Methods at St. Cloud State University. Dr. Frank started the SCSU Survey in 1980, and since has played a major role in the development, administration and analysis of over 150 telephone surveys for local and state governments, school districts and a variety of nonprofit agencies. Dr. Frank has completed extensive postgraduate work in survey research at the University of Michigan. Dr. Frank coauthored with Dr. Wagner and published by Harcourt College, “We Shocked the World!” A Case Study of Jesse Ventura’s Election as Governor of Minnesota. Revised Edition. Among his publications are two academic book chapters: one appears in the current edition of Perspectives on Minnesota Government and Politics and the other, co-authored with Dr. Wagner, is contained in Campaigns and Elections, edited by Robert Watson and Colton Campbell. Dr. Frank is past chairperson of the SCSU Department of Political Science and served as President of the Minnesota Political Science Association.

Dr. Steven C. Wagner

Department of Political Science
51-B 304

Dr. Wagner holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration from Northern Illinois University. Dr. Wagner earned his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Illinois State University. Dr. Wagner teaches courses in American Politics and Public and Nonprofit Management at St. Cloud State University. Dr. Wagner joined the SCSU Survey in 1997. Before coming to SCSU, Dr. Wagner taught in Kansas where he engaged in community-based survey research and before that was staff researcher for the U.S. General Accounting Office. Dr. Wagner has written many papers on taxation, and state politics and has published articles on voting behavior, federal funding of local services and organizational decision making. Dr. Wagner, with Dr. Frank, published two texts on Jesse Ventura’s election as Minnesota’s Governor and a book chapter on the campaign. Dr. Wagner currently serves the SCSU Department of Political Science as its chairperson.

Dr. David H. Robinson

Department of Statistics and Computer Networking
Engineering & Computing Center 237

Dr. Robinson holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics and a Masters in Statistics from the University of Iowa. Dr. Robinson earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Henderson State University. At St. Cloud State University, Dr. Robinson teaches courses in survey planning and contingency tables, statistical methods for the social sciences, probability and computer simulation, and other statistical applications. Since coming to SCSU in 1985 and before that time, Dr. Robinson has served as statistical consultant for numerous statistical analyses of survey results. He has coauthored a book on computer simulation and analysis, and has published articles in the areas of nonparametric statistics, multivariate statistics, analysis of baseball statistics, and statistical analysis of computer network performance. Dr. Robinson recently served as chairperson for the SCSU Department of Statistics and Computer Networking.

Dr. Sandrine Zerbib

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Stewart Hall 266

Dr. Zerbib holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology from the University of California Irvine and a Masters in Sociology from both California State University-Fullerton and University of Paris 10-Nanterre (France). Dr. Zerbib’s ongoing research focuses on issues of immigration, sexuality and citizenship. Dr. Zerbib’s current research analyzes the effect of domestic partnership laws on gay bi-national couples living in France. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Finan on research with immigrant women farmers and gardeners. She teaches courses in Research Methods, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Women and Work, Immigration and Citizenship, and Advanced Research Methods.

Dr. John T. Kulas

Dr. Kulas holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Northern Illinois University.  Dr. Kulas earned his Bachelor in Arts from the University of Minnesota.  His applied background includes current and past appointments as a test publisher, an internal HR practitioner, and an external organizational consultant (focusing primarily on topics of personnel selection and performance assessment). He has authored over 20 conference and journal articles, dealing with issues of measurement in organizational settings. His works can be found in sources such as the Journal of Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Applied Measurement, Journal of Business and Psychology, Social Justice Research, and Journal of Research in Personality. He has received research awards from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Society.

Dr. Ann Finan

Dr. Finan holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture from Iowa State University, and a M.S. from the University of Michigan in Resource Ecology and Management. Dr. Finan is an environmental sociologist, specializing in sustainable agriculture and food systems, community, and social inequality. She also studies immigrants and immigration in relation to community and food systems. Her current research focuses on the sustainable food and agriculture movement and on immigrants and immigration in non-metro Minnesota. She teaches Environmental Sociology, Social Inequality, Environmental Justice, Community Sociology, Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems and the Sociology of Social Responsibility.

Survey studentsLead Student Directors

Ms. Kaelynn M Kampa

4th Year Student, Public Administration Major, Rice, MN.

Mr. Brady A. Haggstrom

4th Year Student, Political Science and International Business Majors and Psychology Minor, Fergus Falls, MN

Assistant Lead Directors

Ms. Julie Archer

4th Year Student, History and Political Science Majors, Minnetonka, MN.

Survey Lab Student Directors

Ms. Anna Behrens

3rd Year Student, Political Science and Public Relations, Hawley, MN

Mr. Lucas Edberg

4th Year Student, Statistics Major

Mr. D. Zachary Kellar

3rd Year Student, Statistics Major, Callender, IA

Mr. Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt

3rd Year Student, Sociology Major, Clearwater, MN

Ms. Megan Thibodeau-Schuldt

3rd Year Student, Applied Sociology Major, Clearwater, MN

Student Technical Consultant

Mr. Daniel Getzke

4th Year Student, Computer Science Major, Eagan, MN

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