Client Services

The SCSU Survey is a full service survey research organization. We regularly conduct surveys for a variety of public sector clients. In the past, the SCSU Survey has worked with such statewide offices as the Attorney General, Children, Families and Learning, Finance, Pollution Control and the Minnesota State Lottery. In addition, the SCSU Survey has an extensive history of working with nonprofit agencies, such as the Minnesota Chapter of Common Cause, Minnesota M.A.D.D, and the St. Cloud United Way.

Clients have two options to gain valuable information on the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of adults throughout Minnesota. First, they can contract for a “stand alone” survey in which they are the only client. These surveys can be accommodated throughout the calendar year based on the needs of the client. The second option is to be part of the St. Cloud State University Annual Fall Omnibus Survey of Minnesota Adults. Questions from several clients are combined to be administered all at once. The cost is generally lower because all participants share many of the fixed expenses of conducting the survey. This second option is ideal for clients who have a limited number of questions they would like asked.

The SCSU Survey staff will work with clients to design an appropriate questionnaire. The questions may be close-ended, where respondents must select from a pre-determined set of answers, or open-ended, in which the respondent’s answer is entered verbatim by the interviewer. Included in the cost of question preparation is advice on question wording, formatting, and order, a pretest of the question (s), and any subsequent revisions that are required. 

We will also work with clients to determine appropriate demographic variables such as gender, age, and income that will also be gathered. (As part of the SCSU Fall Omnibus Survey this is included at no extra charge). In addition to SPSS generated frequencies for the survey results of your questions, any specific demographics will be provided to the client and each substantive question will be cross-tabulated for each demographic characteristic. We suggest a minimum of 600 interviews in order to provide statistically reliable data for the state population as a whole.

All interviewing is conducted from the SCSU Survey’s Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing system in accordance with the most advanced survey techniques. Questionnaires are pretested to ensure reliability and validity. Interviewers receive intensive training and all phone work is monitored and closely supervised by SCSU Survey staff. Calls are made during the daytime, evenings, and weekends to maximize the likelihood of finding the selected respondent at home.

When the survey is complete, the client will receive an ASCII data file that will allow clients to do their own analysis; a SPSS set-up file that reads the data file; a codebook documenting the coding of each question as well as the demographic questions; and a complete methodological report detailing both technical and quality-control procedures for the entire survey.

All clients are required to complete an Interagency Agreement (for state agencies) or a Memorandum of Agreement Form (for nonprofit agencies) before their questions are included in the St. Cloud State University Annual Fall Omnibus Survey of Minnesota Adults or before a comprehensive survey is commenced for that client. 

The SCSU Survey staff belongs to the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and Midwest Association of Public Opinion Research (MAPOR) and adheres to the code of conduct of these associations.

The St. Cloud State University Annual Fall Omnibus Survey of Minnesota Adults is conducted in late October or early November of each year.  Results and reports are typically provided in December. The deadline for submitting questions for inclusion in St. Cloud State University Annual Fall Omnibus Survey of Minnesota Adults is Labor Day of each year. The total number of questions that can be included is limited, so we suggest contacting us early. Comprehensive individual client surveys can be conducted throughout the calendar year.

For inquiries regarding client surveys please contact any of the principle investigators.

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