Undergraduate Admissions

Parents and Families - The Application Process

When should students apply?

For freshman applicants, the best time is the fall of their senior year.
SCSU practices rolling admissions, meaning that beginning on September 15 we review all freshman applications for the following fall.  Decisions are made within 10 business days.  We recommend that students try to have all of their applications done by mid December for the upcoming fall.

SCSU StudentHowever, SCSU will accept students as long as there is space available. 
Students will be considered for admission using a combination of high school rank, GPA, curriculum, test scores and other indicators of academic performance and potential.

  • The academic record is most important.  The committee will give the greatest weight to performance in college preparation classes. 
  • The strength of a student’s curriculum is also a major consideration
  • ACT or SAT scores will be considered, but are not as important as the academic record.
  • Other criteria that may be considered are extra-curricular and community activities, school profile, and grade trends.
  • Personal statements and recommendations are optional, but will be considered when submitted.     

Students who do not meet standard admissions criteria will be individually reviewed.  The admissions committee will look closely at a student’s high school curriculum (is it college prep) their grades in college prep classes, their ACT or SAT scores, plus school and community activities. They will be considered for traditional admission, conditional admission through the Division of General Studies (DGS) or the Community College Connection Program (CCC).

What is required of freshmen/first year applicants?

Three things are required.

  • A completed application (online or paper format). 
  • An official transcript – meaning that it must be sent directly from the high school or college to SCSU.  It can not be provided by the applicant.
  • The application fee of $20.  (This fee can be waived if financial circumstances can be verified by a high school or counseling official.)

Applications can be sent directly to SCSU or taken to the high school guidance office where they are sent to SCSU along with the official transcript.

Most traditional freshman applicants should:

  • Be in the top half of their graduating class.
  • Submit an ACT College Assessment.
  • Complete the MnSCU State university college preparation curriculum required preparation curriculum described on the application form.

Some students may be asked to submit additional information, including placement test results.  Personal statements and letters of recommendation are not required, but may be helpful.
Nontraditional students (those who have been out of high school 3 or more years) need only provide proof of high school graduation or completion of a GED. 

What are the transfer requirements?

A student who has earned 12 or more college level credits may apply as a transfer student.  They will be admitted if they have a GPA of 2.0 or a “C” average in all college work.  This will constitute a general admission to SCSU, and it is important to keep in mind that many majors require a higher GPA in order to be admitted to the program.

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