Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman Admissions Requirements

St. Cloud State University strives to provide an academic and campus environment that prepares our students to succeed and thrive in a global, multicultural world. As part of our overall mission, we are committed to enrolling an academically qualified, diverse student body. For that reason, each application is individually reviewed and evaluated on its own merits.

FriendsStudents will be considered for admission using a combination of high school rank, GPA, curriculum, test scores and other indicators of academic performance and potential.

  • The academic record is most important.  The committee will give the greatest weight to performance in college preparation classes. 
  • The strength of a student’s curriculum is also a major consideration
  • ACT or SAT scores will be considered, but are not as important as the academic record.
  • Other criteria that may be considered are extra-curricular and community activities, school profile, and grade trends.
  • Personal statements and recommendations are optional, but will be considered when submitted.     

Most successful applicants will:

  • Be ranked in the upper one-half (top 50%) of their high school graduating class
  • Have a score of 21 or better on the ACT
  • Have completed the MnSCU State university college preparation curriculum

And also may…

  • Provide evidence of ability to accept responsibility
  • Provide evidence of ability to benefit from the educational experience offered at SCSU

Students who do not meet the above stated criteria, may be considered for admission to our Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE) program, which provides a supportive transition from high school to college.

SCSU will review all applications, and applicants may be granted regular admission, admitted to the Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE) program, referred to the Community College Connection Program or denied. Students who are home schooled, graduating from high schools that do not rank students or have earned a GED will also have their records reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Students who are home schooled, graduating from high schools that do not rank students or have earned a GED will also have their records reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

SCSU requires all traditional-aged first year students to submit an ACT college assessment and a final high school transcript. The ACT assessment must be sent directly from ACT prior to entering, except for those who have been out of school three or more years. Please arrange to have ACT send this information to SCSU once you have taken the exam. Please note the SCSU ACT School Code: 2144.

High school subject areas required for admission

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) board has identified appropriate courses to prepare you for university work. The subject areas include:
English/language arts (including writing, grammar, speech, listening, reading, and analysis of literature); science (including biology, a physical science, and laboratory experience); social science (including one year each of U.S. history and geography); mathematics (including algebra and geometry); two or more years of the same foreign language and one year of specified electives focusing on world culture, world, area or ethnic studies or the arts (including visual, performing and media). Students who enter the University without completing the above course of study may be required to make up the course work or demonstrate skill levels and competencies.

Admissions appeal process

All applicants who do not meet the admission requirements because of special and unique circumstances may be considered for admission by special appeal. If unusual circumstances exist, the student should first complete the regular application process. Then, if the student is denied admission to the University, s/he should write a letter of appeal to the Admission Review Committee. This letter should outline the unique circumstance and should be supported by appropriate documentation and two letters of recommendation.

What our students have to say...

Lisa Pearson“I was recruited to St. Cloud State for swimming. My high school coach went here, so I had a good feeling about the school. I visited and really liked it. And the team was good, so that was a fun bonus! It was close to home, but it felt far enough away because it has its own community. I was looking into pre-med at the time, but I found out it wasn’t for me. So I switched to mass communications. That’s what I like about St. Cloud State. There are so many different options.”

Lisa Pearson
Mass Communications ’08
Princeton, Minn.

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