Undergraduate Admissions

Decisions Checklist

Any time one does something for the first time, there will be questions. Applying for college is no exception. The following list will give you an idea of what is important to do and when. As you check things off, you will find that it may be easier than you thought. Remember that doing things in a timely manner is important, and does affect opportunity.

1. Explore your interests.

18 to 24 months before you will enter college

Mainstreet - Aviation ClubStudents entering college right after high school will usually begin collecting information about schools before their senior year. By the second half of the junior year you should begin communicating with schools that interest you. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Go on-line - using various search engines, you can explore nearly every college and university in the world
  2. Return the post cards that are sent to you by colleges that have programs of interest to you to get better acquainted
  3. Attend college fairs and visits by representatives to your high school

2. Arrange the Very Important Campus Visit.

3 to 12 months before you will enter college

Whether you are a high school student or returning older student this is one of the most important ways to see if a school is right for you. The best time is any time during the year prior to entering college, summer included. Do make sure that classes are in session and that people in the Admissions office are expecting you.

You can arrange your SCSU campus visit online or call us toll free at: 877-654-SCSU (7278).

3. Apply for Admission

6 to12 months before you will enter college

For high school seniors, the best time to complete an application is during the fall of your senior year. SCSU uses a rolling admissions system, so you will be notified of action taken on your application within 2 to 3 weeks.

4. Apply for Housing

Following Admission

Your application for a residence hall room will be sent from Residential Life within a few weeks of your admission letter. If you are considering living on campus, you should reserve a room as soon as possible. We recommend returning your application and (refundable) reservation fee by March 15 for a fall semester room.

5. Apply for Scholarships and/or The University Honors Program

Before December 15

If you wish to be considered for a competitive academic scholarship or admission to the Honors program, we encourage you to apply for admission by December 15 for the following academic year.

6. Apply for Financial Aid

After January 1

If you are applying for need based financial aid, you may wish to attend information sessions offered by high schools in December and January. You must wait until after January 1 to prepare your application using the FAFSA form. You can submit a financial aid estimate request at any time, however.

7. Make your appointment for ADVISING DAYS


In April you will be receiving information about the new student advising day sessions available to you. You may make your appointment on-line. Better course selections are available to those selecting earlier dates. Sessions are held in May and July.

8. Contact your roommate


You will receive information about your room assignment and roommate. Communicate with your roommate and start making plans for your room.



You will select your classes and register for your first semester. While you are on campus you can see your room, purchase books and explore the campus.

10. Watch for Financial Aid awards notice

May or June

11. ACT and Final Transcripts are due


SCSU requires submission of the ACT College Assessment (not just the test scores) from all new first year students who have graduated from high school within the last three years.  If you did not arrange to have that sent earlier, you should do that now.

You are also required to have your final transcript sent directly from your high school.

12. Move to campus


Move-in day for those living on campus is usually before Labor Day weekend. In the days that follow you will get acquainted with the campus, make tons of new friends, join student organizations, and start your classes.

Welcome to college!

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