Residential Life Students eating in Garvey

Central Housing Staff


Central Office Staff

Main Office Number: (320) 308-2166
Main Fax Number: (320) 308-5505

The Central Office staff is comprised of a Director, and 2 Associate Directors who make up the Executive Team within the department. The main office employs 2 OAS Intermediates, an Account Clerk Senior and a Room Assignments Coordinator. The main office is located in Ervin Hall. The central housing staff does all room assignments, mailings, promotions, and administrative functions within the office. We are committed to serving students and answering any questions you might have about living on campus.

Dan Pederson

Dan Pedersen
Director of Residential Life

Kenny Hendrickson

Kenny Hendrickson

Associate Director of Residential Life
for Operations and Facilities

Coming Soon

Brian Emerick
Associate Director of Residential Life
for Staffing and Student Programs

Paula Andrist

Paula Andrist
Room Coordinator

Erin McClure

Erin McClure


Debbie Hancock
Account Clerk







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