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Former Staff Testimonial Card/ Testimonial


Dear Former Staff Member,  

Greetings from the Department of Residential Life, In an effort to update our webpage and continue to recruit outstanding staff, we are requesting some of our former stellar employees to complete a short 5-10 minute testimonial card on your experiences with our department.  Please click on the below link and send us your feedback as well as a recent photo that we may possibly use in future marketing efforts.   You continue to be a loyal and valued friend within our department. We wish you continued success and enjoyment in all your future dreams and goals.  We truly value your honest opinion and feedback and look forward to hearing back from you.  


The SCSU Department of Residential Life

Former Staff Testimonial Card


Megan Vogel

High School English Teacher at Mankato Area Public Schools

"My experiences with Residential Life have allowed me to be the confident, professional teacher that I am today. While working for Residential Life, I had many opportunities to work collaboratively with others to accomplish common goals, feel comfortable in a leadership position, know, follow, and enforce procedures and expectations."


Kyle CarlinSchauer

Program Director at Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

"While working in Residential Life, I was not only able to learn communication, conflict management, organization, and time management skills but I was also able to learn how to connect with people of all ages, cultures, and diversities. This is extremely important in my current role as a Program Director at a non-profit for at-risk youth because I not only work with kids of all ages and backgrounds, but it is also pertinent for me to work with their parents and families to connect them with services needed,"


Paul Decock

Area Coordinator at Kennesaw State University

"I gained a better understanding of how to work with and lead a team.  During my time with SCSU’s Department of Residence Life I was able to find my voice as a leader.  My supervisor did a great job of giving me feedback and guidance, but also gave me enough latitude to really let me take charge of my position.  This definitely helped me when I was ready for the next step in my career path in Residence Life."


Anup Dangol

Project Manager, web developer, designer at Liveedit Aurora, Waitepartk, MN

"At Residential Life, I had a chance to experience the real life work environments. I had set timlines for the jobs that were assigned to me, I learned that we always need to plan and discuss our goal. I had an opportunity to go to a training for new software and functionality that added up to my skills set. I had a chance not only in design, photography, and web design, I also had a chance to take part in the meetings to plan and develop from the very beginning to the end."

Alan Press Werden

Alan "Press" Werden

Hall Director at Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN

"If you are looking for ways to get involved on campus, go for it! ResLife will expand your social/ professional networks and offer you countless opportunities to grow. It can be a big time commitment, but it's the most fun I have ever had at work."


Joshua Lee

Interim Assistant Director at Creighton University (Omaha, NE)

"Do it!

Residential Life not only is extremely applicable to all fields of study and work, but it has the potential to completely change your life. Residential Life inspired me to go into student affairs and provided me the opportunity to meet my future (now current) wife and life-partner!"


Aneeqa Khan

Business Analyst at Tasacom Solutions, Austin, TX

"Communication!!! I used to be a very shy person. Reslife helped me to crack open from my shell and communicate with people from diverse background. Other great skills are prioritizing, managing multiple tasks and being confident in taking the right decisions."




Rose Thompson

Account Executive at American Agency, Inc

"I learned that thoroughness and attention to detail were very important in my role as a Night Supervisor and a Community Advisor. My attention to detail and thoroughness is extremely important in my current position, which is practiced on a daily basis. Additionally, I learned how to effectively communicate important and sensitive information to a large group of people."

Zachary Staszewski

Zachary Staszewski

Residence Hall Director at
Marquette University; Milwaukee, WI

"I gained a variety of quality experiences that I am am able to apply in my current position. My role in Lawrence Hall gave me experience supervising staff, advising a student organization (Community Council), overseeing facilities and managing facility issues, working with a variety of offices and professionals around campus, opportunities to expand my knowledge regarding Social Justice /Diversity topics, overseeing a budget, and additional opportunities to explore and establish my personal leadership style. "

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen

Assistant Director of Career Services, at Concordia University
St. Paul, MN

"I developed relationship building and communication skills which I constantly use and rely on as my career continues to unfold."