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Door Decorations and Bulletin Board

Door Decorations

Door Decorations are more commonly known as “door decs” here on campus and are just way to personalize the doors of your residents.  The most basic door decoration can be anything, but it is important to include the name of your residents so they know it’s theirs.  Door decorations help build a sense of community and are also a great way to make your residents feel more welcome.  Along with that they also help you as the CA learn your resident’s names and where they live much faster.  You can make door decorations on the computer, hand draw them, paint, use stamps or use the accu-cut machines to cut shapes out.  There are so many possibilities for door decorations anything will work, just be creative and tape them to the doors.

Door Dec 1
Door Dec 2
Door Deck 3

Bulletin Boards         

Bulletin Boards are used for passive programming, and are a great precursor to programs and give residents a chance to review or reflect on the information. To create a basic bulletin board you need a background sheet of paper or cloth.  The large rolls of butcher paper in the resource rooms are great for this.  After the background a title is needed to inform your readers what the board is all about.  Painting a title or cutting out letter for the accu-cut machines are both great ways to create a title.  Then with those two basics you can put your information up.  Get creative and make it your own.

Bulletin 1
Bulletin 2
Bulletin 3


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