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Residence Hall Staff

Coordinator Positions

Our Department has two Area Coordinators whose primary responsibility is meeting the student needs and managing residential life operations in an assigned residential area of 4-5 halls. Area Coordinators maintain open lines of communication between Residence Directors (RDs), Graduate Assistant Hall Directors (GAs), and Community Advisors (CAs) in the residence halls and the central office. There are approximately 67 CAs, 7 GAs, and 8 Residence Hall Director staff members supporting a residential population of 2,600 students living in eight residential buildings/areas. Area Coordinators have additional responsibilities for assisting in planning and implementing various administrative and programmatic activities for the department. Our third Coordinator serves our Department as the Coordinator of Leadership Programs and Residential Life Conduct. This staff member works with RHA, NRHH and other leadership groups and also handles student conduct issues with residential students.

Bob Flinders Ali Pickens  

Bob Flinders
Area Coordinator of
Case-Hill, Sherburne,
& Coborn Plaza Apartments
(320) 308-2277

Ali Pickens
Area Coordinator of
Mitchell, Shoemaker, Lawrence,
Benton and Stateview Apartments.
(320) 308-2218

  coming soon  

(Position currently vacant)
Coordinator of Leadership
Programs and Residential Life
(320) 308-2134

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