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Residence Halls : Services

remote controlCable Television:

Cable TV is really easy at SCSU. All you need to do is bring your TV and cable cord. (20-25 feet is recommended). You have the extended basic digital cable package for no additional cost including over 115 channels for you to choose from. Download the complete channel listing (PDF). Please note that analog television sets no longer work on our system. Students need to purchase a digital television set with a QAM tuner to get the high definition channels. Analog TV's will no longer work on our system. Some TV brands that we would suggest would be Sony, Samsung, Magnavox, Westinghouse, and Visio to name a few. We have experienced several problems with "Element" brand TV's being sold to consumers without the QAM tuner and these sets will not work on the SCSU digital cable system.

Carts and Dollies

Four-wheel flat carts and two-wheel dollies are available to students on a short-term basis for moving purposes. Residents can check-out a cart or dolly from the reception desk with their student ID.

Cooking facilities:

1Each residential community has kitchen facilities and microwave ovens for students to make a meal or enjoy a snack. Some halls have a kitchen on every floor, while others have one central kitchen, plus microwaves on each floor. For your convenience, cooking utensils are available for check-out at the front desk.

Computer Hook-Up:

Computer hook-up known as RESNET, a part of HuskyTech is included in each residence hall student room. Each room is wired with an Ethernet data jack for each resident to give you access to SCSU’s many technology features. In addition to the wired network, SCSU’s residence halls have wireless coverage in individual rooms and common areas. If your computer meets the minimum support requirements, there will be no cost to connect. The only thing you need is a network cable. To receive your cable, please stop into the HuskyTech Store in Miller Center 102.

Just some of the services you can access from your room include: laptop

  • Technology services including e-mail and file/web space
  • Office 365
  • Laser printing to hall printers
  • Internet Access
  • Library resources
  • Course registration
  • Smart TV and Game Console Support

Computer Labs & Laser Printers:

You will have easy access to computers and laser printers when you live on campus. Laser printers are available in all halls. Computer Labs are conveniently located in most of the residence halls. Most of these labs offer card swipe access, video surveillance, and 24 hour availability for all residence hall students!


Students locked out of their room and needing a staff member to key them in can do so with proper identification. There is a service fee charge for key-ins. Resident's SCSU accounts will be billed for each key-in.  The first time will result in a verbal/written warning, $10.00 will be billed for the second occurrence and for the third key-in and anything thereafter, the charge is raised to $25.00 for each additional occurrence and a possible judicial meeting with your Residence Hall Director.

laundry basketLaundry facilities:

Laundry facilities are available in all residential communities at no additional cost. Card swipe access is required in most buildings, with the exception of Stateview Apartments and Coborn Plaza Apartments. Our Laundry provider is ASI Campus Laundry Solutions and to report a problem with the machine, click here and then enter a service request in the upper right hand corner. SCSU also has a free laundry alert program that students can check the status of their laundry by receiving an email or text from their cell phones on the status of their laundry. For a copy of this laundry alert guide, click here.

Linen Program:

St Cloud State's Residential Life Program and the Residence Hall Association (RHA), are proud to offer students a linen program during the academic year.  For further information about this program, click here.

Mail Service:

Each room/suite/apartment has a separate key-operated mailbox. In accordance with postal service guidelines, mail may not be handed out over the desk. Deliveries are made in accordance with scheduled U.S. mail service. If you receive a package, a notice will be placed in your mailbox and you may pick-it up at the main desk with a picture I.D. during posted hours. The example below is how you should address all mail and packages:

Student Name
Hall Name
Street Address, Room #
St. Cloud, MN 56301-( )

  • Benton Hall 445 1st Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4489)
  • Coborn Plaza Apartments, North Building, 500 3rd Street South, Room #, (56301-2194)
  • Coborn Plaza Apartments, South Building, 340 6th Avenue South, Room #, (56301-2561)
  • Case-Hill Hall 550 3rd Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4486)
  • Lawrence Hall 650 1st Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4672)
  • Mitchell Hall 566 1st Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4591)
  • Sherburne Hall 525 1st Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4490)
  • Shoemaker Hall 915 1st Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4497)
  • Stateview North 410 4th Avenue South, Apartment Number (56301-4420)
  • Stateview South 422 4th Avenue South, Apartment Number (56301-4450)
  • Stearns Hall 410 3rd Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4495)
  • W.W. Holes Hall 400 3rd Avenue South, Room Number (56301-4487)

Shoemaker Hall addresses must include the floor letter E or W before the mailbox number. North Shoemaker Hall addresses must include the letter “N” before the number.


All residence hall students have easy access to two newspapers through the Collegiate Readership Program including the USA Today, and the St. Cloud Times. Free newspapers will be delivered to a central location on our campus. This is a great resource for class projects and to keep up-to-date with current events.  

Outbasketballdoor recreation:

  • Sand volleyball court behind Mitchell Hall
  • Basketball court next to W.W. Holes Hall / Behind Stearns Hall
  • Sand volleyball and basketball courts behind Case-Hill Hall
  • Basketball court and Volleyball court next to Shoemaker Hall
  • Gazebo in the courtyard near Benton Hallvacuum
  • Outdoor patio area with grills by Stateview Apartments


Public Safety can answer questions concerning parking permits, traffic and parking tickets. Parking permits are required to park in a university lot during the academic year. For more information contact the Public
Safety Department (PSD), 320-308-3333 or visit their Web site at

Reception Desk:

The reception desk is the central service area of each residence hall. Reception desks are open from 8 a.m. until midnight. The desk team member provides students with general campus information. Each residence hall has various equipment at the front desk available for students to check-out. Students can check out sports equipment, cooking utensils, magazines, and games. Please also note that each residence hall front desk also offers free vacuum cleaners for students to clean their rooms. Sherburne Hall will remain open 24 hours a day.

Refrigerator & Loft Rental: microwave & refrigerator

3.6 cubic foot refrigerators are available for rent as well as micro-fridges which are refrigerator / freezer / microwave combination units. More information concerning refrigerator rental will be sent to students following room assignments.

Many students like to loft their beds to maximize the space in their rooms. For your safety, we encourage students to rent lofts. You and your roommate can both rent one or it also works if only one of you rents. Detailed information about loft rental will be sent to students following room assignments.

Repairs & Maintenance:

The staff of the Department of Residential Life attempts to keep the residence halls in the best possible condition. General Maintenance staffs are assigned to each facility to make repairs and to perform routine cleaning and maintenance work. The assistance of students in reporting repair needs and in helping to maintain the building in good condition is essential. If maintenance problems occur in your room or hall, we ask that you inform a staff member as soon as possible or go to the residential life website at and on the middle right tool bar near the middle of the page, click the link that says "work order request."


If you experience cable difficulties, first check to see that your Television is set to cable TV (vs. antenna). If you are receiving only channels 2-13, auto program your TV using your remote control. For other problems contact Residential Life at 308-2166 or email us on-line at and provide your name and room number along with the problem you are experiencing. Please note that analog television sets no longer work on the SCSU cable system. Students need to purchase TV's that offer digital cable hook-up and tv's that have a QAM tuner. See recommended TV brands of these at the top of the page under "Cable Television".

Internet/Connection Problems:

All internet problems should be reported to the Husky Tech Office. Their e-mail address is or by phone #8-4762 or you can also do this electronically by going to and near the middle right side there of the page there is a tool bar there to report any work order requests. Click this link and you will be directed to another page where you can enter any computer or Husky Tech requests directly online.


If you lose your keys or fobs, report them immediately to your Residence Hall Director and a new key/fob and lock core will be issued for your room to prevent possible property loss. There is a $25 fee for a replacement room key, $10 for a replacement key to the building’s main entrance, and $3 for a post office box key. Benton Hall and Stateview bedroom keys are $10. Mailbox keys for any hall are $3. Your roommate’s room key will be replaced free of charge. If you find your original key(s) at a later date, you will not be granted a refund.

Laundry Machines:

If you are experiencing problems with a washer or dryer contact ASI Campus Laundry Solutions or you can submit the information online at Near the middle right side of the page, click the icon that says "work order requests". Once you do this you will prompted to another page and then click "laundry room repairs/problems." You will need to know the 6 digit number of the washer or dryer machine you are having problems with as well. This 6 digit number is found directly on the machines. SCSU also has a free laundry alert program that students can check the status of their laundry by receiving an email or text from their cell phones on the status of their laundry. For a copy of this laundry alert guide, click here.

Light Bulbs:

If you need a new light bulb for your room, contact your General Maintenance Worker or go online to the Residential Life main website to submit a work order request.

Smoke Detector:

If you need a new smoke detector for your room, contact your General Maintenance Worker or go online and do a work order on the Residential Life main website.

Vending/Change Machine:

If you lose money in the vending machine, you will need to fill out a refund envelope from the front desk. Our vending machine company will check the front desk on a weekly basis and place a refund envelope in your mailbox.

Safety & Security:

Public Safety Officers and the residence hall staff offer assistance 24 hours a day. Some of the specific safety measures we provide to create a safe and secure environment are:

  • Student room doors are equipped with peepholes and common area bathrooms have security locks.
  • Many of our front doors offer card swipe security door access
  • The residence hall back, side and front doors are locked at 7pm every night.
  • There is a security person by the front doors beginning at midnight. Students who live in the hall are asked to use their student ID cards and need to check in their guests in the evening hours. These guests who must have a photo ID.
  • CAs do rounds of the building during the evenings and the night security staff, are on duty beginning at midnight every night, they also do rounds and ensure there is a safe and secure environment.

Telephone Service:

SCSU no longer offers land line telephone service in each of the student rooms. Most students just use their personal cell phones for both local and long distance service.

Vending & Ice Machines:

Vending and ice machines are located in the lobbies for individual resident use. For your convenience, the vending machines accept cash or campus card transactions where students are able to conveniently use the money they’ve deposited on their student ID card to purchase beverages or snacks.