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Loft Construction Guidelines for SCSU Residence Halls

The purpose of these guidelines is to give you flexibility in designing your room, yet insuring protection and safety of yourselves, other residents, and the building. Any loft construction and/or remodeling of the residence hall not complying with the following guidelines is unauthorized. When you arrive in the Fall, see your Community Advisor, (CA) for a Loft Contract.

  • Lofts and/or remodeling projects must be located and constructed in a way that they do not interfere with or obstruct access to windows, plumbing, heating units or controls, telephone, and the main entrance/exit.
  • Lofts are to be freestanding. Bolts, nails, etc., are not to be driven in to the walls to support the loft. Sherburne and Benton loft braces must not be more than one inch away from the ceiling. If the shelf above the desk is used to support the loft, a minimum of 2x4 support board must be used between the desk and the shelf.
  • Attached room fixtures such as curtain rods, light fixtures, telephone jacks, electrical outlets, desks, closets, and heating units may not be removed, altered, or relocated due to the loft construction or remodeling project.
  • Raised floors are prohibited.
  • A minimum of 24 inches must be left vacant between the top surface of the mattress and the ceiling.
  • The width of the lofts must be less than 48 inches.
  • A guard rail must be a part of the construction for safety on open sides (away from the wall).
  • No loft construction and/or remodeling project may be completed without agreement to these guidelines and inspection of the construction by a Residence Hall Staff member (CA).
  • Loft owners not in compliance with above specifications will be asked to dismantle the loft or adapt to regulations.