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Residence Halls : Living Options

We offer a wide variety of community living experiences to meet your needs and preferences as you grow and change during your college experience. We provide traditional housing experiences, living/learning communities, and more independent living arrangements. The Department of Residential Life has added several additional living/learning communities. A basic description is listed below about each community.

St. Cloud State is tobacco-free

Our policy prohibits the use, sale and free distribution of smoking and smokeless tobacco products on university property.

Tobacco use is allowed in private vehicles as long as respect for individuals and the environment is demonstrated.

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Traditional Housing:

Many students choose to live in a community that has no specific thematic emphasis. Students that select one of our traditional halls/floors will live in a diverse community of students from varying interests, backgrounds, ages and grade levels.

Co-ed Floors:

Students may request to live on a co-ed floor in Sherburne or Mitchell Hall. Men and women are assigned to separate wings/areas, and there are separate bathroom facilities.

Suite-style Living:

Returning and transfer students may request to live in Benton Hall where our suite-style housing is located. Each suite accommodates 3-4 people who share two double bedrooms and a furnished living room (couches & lamps). Second and third-floor suites also have a balcony. Two suites share a common bathroom. Benton Hall is available to upper level students.

Apartment Style Housing:

Many returning students select to live in Stateview Apartments during their sophomore, junior and senior years. This is an affordable and convenient option for upper level students who enjoy living on-campus but want a more independent living environment. Stateview consists of four-person apartments. Each apartment has four private bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen with basic appliances. Students that reside in Stateview must have at least a 2.50 GPA and a minimum of 30 completed credits and/or 2 semesters of campus living.

Break Housing:

Please note that Residential Life will provide housing during university breaks in the following residential communities: Sherburne Hall, Lawrence Hall, Mitchell Hall, Case-Hill Hall, Benton Hall, Shoemaker Hall, Stateview Apartments and Coborn Plaza Apartments. Students who feel they need housing during Thanksgiving, Winter and/or Spring break periods should request to live in one of these communities for the academic year. All other residence halls will close for break periods at the published times.

Adapted Residence Hall Facilities:

Selected rooms in Mitchell and Case-Hill have been designated for students with a disability. Students needing special accommodations should indicate their specific needs on the residence hall application. For specific questions please contact the Department of Residential Life at (320) 308-2166 or email

Living/Learning Communities:

The Department of Residential Life has several living/learning communities available for students to select from. To learn more specific information about each of these communities and how to sign up for them, please click here.