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Health & Human Sercices Community


Members of the Service and Civic Engagement Living Learning Community will have the opportunity to:

·     Develop and define a personal civic responsibility philosophy
·     Meet campus and community members through various service projects on campus and within the
      Saint Cloud Community
·     Live in an atmosphere where others support and are passionate about service and civic
·     Expand their knowledge about social challenges, problems, and needs
·     Support other service programs and events on campus
·     Have assistance and support in the transition to college life

Members of the Service and Civic Engagement Learning Community will be expected to:

·     Participate in individual weekly service hours
·     Plan and participate in monthly group service projects 
·     Attend and take part in Civic Engagement Workshops to expand their knowledge further about
      community service and civic engagement
·     Personally reflect on the civic engagement and service experiences through the year in the
·     Possess a passion for civic engagement and community service
·     Be involved in developing community standards and planning for a successful future within the

Learning Outcomes

·     Gain a deeper understanding of service and develop a personal philosophy about what it means to
      be a civically responsible citizen
·     Reach personal engagement goals set by residents at the beginning of each semester
·     Develop time management techniques to balance their academics and extracurricular activities
·     Identify personal strengths through their involvement and areas in which they can improve their



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