Residential Life Students eating in Garvey

Career Exploration Community


Members of the Career Exploration Learning Community will have the opportunity to:

• Be involved with a community where students have a common purpose to focus on their futures.
• Engage in educational opportunities for career preparation (resume development, Career Services seminars, career fairs, graduate school exploration, networking, being an alumni)
•Examine major/career opportunities for student interests (FOCUS, GPS LifePlan)
•Collaborate with other students, faculty and staff, departments on campus, and in our local community.
•Meet with a career counselor or peer intern
•Actively practice interviewing skills

Members of the Career Exploration Learning Community will be expected to:

•Actively participate in their career exploration planning
•Become familiar with the resources on campus and utilize those services (e.g. Career Services, Advising Center, etc.)
•Complete the 2013-2014  Career Planner and Major Decision Workbook
•Encouraged to enroll in COLL111 Career and Life Planning

Learning Outcomes

•Become familiar with their skill set and how it could transition into a successful career.
•Create a plan on a career direction leading to graduation.
•To be versed with the opportunities on-campus to help support their future employment endeavors.

Sponsoring Departments/Organizations:

•Residential Life
•Career Services


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