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Honors Community — more information

Will I meet only honors students if I live in the honors community?

Not at all! You will be taking lots of other courses in addition to Honors. You will expand your group of friends through other courses, student organizations, intramural sports, community service, and/or performance activities. Our staff will also collaborate with you to plan activities that will help you meet people and have fun.

What if I have a friend I wish to room with, who is not in Honors?

Be sure to request one another on your residence hall application. Based on demand and the date that we receive your application, we will either place you together in a room on the honors floor or on an adjacent floor.

How are students assigned to the Honors Community?

Students are assigned to the Honors Community according to the date their housing application is received in the Residential Life Office. Space exists for approximately 90 students to participate, so apply early!

Already applied?

If you have already submitted your housing application but wish to change your #1 hall request to the Case-Hill Hall's Honors Community, please send us a formal written request to:

Department of Residential Life
425 1 st Ave. South
St. Cloud, MN 56301

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