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Residence Halls : Fast Facts : Refrigerator & Loft Information

Rental information available at

Refrigerator Rental

2.5 and 3.6 cubic foot refrigerators are available for rent as well as microfridges which are refrigerator / freezer / microwave combination units. More information concerning this will be sent out to students following room assignments. If you choose to bring your own refrigerator, please note that a maximum of a 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator is permitted in student rooms.

Lofting your Bed

Many students like to loft their beds to maximize the space in their rooms. For your safety, we encourage students to rent lofts. You and your roommate can both rent one, or it also works if only one of you rents. The cost is $119.99 per year and includes a side rail and delivery to your room if ordered by the deadline date. Besides being a cost effective option, it’s easy to assemble, convenient and means no storage or transportation hassles later!

Please note: Lawrence Hall, Shoemaker Hall, and Case/Hill rooms come with adjustable beds so lofts are not necessary. Students can still purchase a futon from the company or rent a micro-fridge if they wish to do so. To view a brochure or to reserve a loft, go to






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