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Residence Halls : Fast Facts : Reception Desks

Reception Desks

W.W. Holes Reception Desk

In the main lobby of each residence hall is a reception desk. The desk serves as an information center for each hall. It has the name and phone number of all residents living in the hall. Our staff also checks out equipment, distributes mail and packages, and is available as a campus resource for your questions.

Every front desk has equipment that you may check-out with an SAF sticker. Each hall has a Student Activity Fee which you can purchase when you arrive. The cost is $10 for the academic year. You receive an SAF sticker on the front of your ID. This sticker entitles you to discounts at hall and campus events and it allows you to utilize the equipment behind each hall’s front desk.

The equipment behind each front desk varies but typically includes: kitchen items, games, sports equipment, movies and magazines.

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