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Residence Halls : Fast Facts : Recycling & Maintenance


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Designated recycling areas are in every building. Students are asked to recycle in the designated receptacles. It is also a community expectation that students haul their garbage to the dumpster located outside of each building.

Maintenance Concerns

On that same note, cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. We have General Maintenance Workers assigned to work on every floor. It is their job to do general cleaning but it is everyone’s responsibility to vacuum in and outside of their room. For your convenience, you can check out a vacuum at the front desk for only a quarter.

We are pleased to serve our residents and maintain our facilities by cleaning the residence hall public areas on a regular basis. The bathrooms are cleaned daily according to a posted schedule. The hallways and lounge areas are also vacuumed once a day. In addition, our staff works hard to perform general and deep cleaning in all other public areas.

If furnishings provided by the University need to be repaired, we encourage you to report any problems as soon as possible. To place a work order, contact the reception desk (Stateview contact W.W. Holes Hall) and describe the problem in the Hall’s Fix-it book. A staff member will request the work order and it will be assigned to the appropriate personnel to complete it as soon as possible. To increase timeliness of completion, be as specific as possible about the nature and location of the problem when reporting it. Please note that work orders are scheduled for repair based on a priority system that emphasizes safety and health concerns.

Please note that some maintenance concerns have a different protocol depending on contracts, etc.

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