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Residence Halls : Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Living on Campus

How will I be assigned a roommate?

Roommate assignments for incoming students are based upon the date when we receive your signed housing contract and your $250 pre-payment. The housing application and on-line payment directions can be found on the Residential Life home page. The sooner both of these items are are completed, the better your chances are of being assigned to your specific hall choice. If you have a roommate request, both you and your prospective roommate have to specify each other on your agreement, and also provide each other's Star ID number. All other roommate assignments will be made based upon building preferences and when information such as when the application and $250 pre-payment is received in our office.

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How do I get assigned a room?

An allocation system is used to assign residence hall rooms. A specific percentage of hall space is delegated to both returning and incoming students. For incoming freshmen, these spaces are filled based on the date the residence hall application and $250 pre-payment is received. The application and on-line payment can be found on the Residential Life home page. Students living on-campus during the second semester are allowed to participate in Priority Room Sign-Up for the next academic year.

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When will I know my room assignment?

Room assignments usually go out in the middle of April before new entering students begin to arrive for Advising and Registration in May. Students can access this information on the department's home web page. We strongly suggest you contact your new roommate prior to arrival in the fall to begin building your new relationship together and to determine who is bringing what into the room, etc.

How do I change or modify my housing agreement?
Students may change or modify their housing agreement on-line.  Simply go to and enter your Star ID and password to log in. Click on the "Housing and Dining Services" link in the left tool bar then click the “Go to the Housing and Dining Services" site and make necessary changes or adjustments to both the housing application and/or the meal plan options on this page.

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What are the current room rates?

All rates listed include expanded basic cable TV, laundry, Husky Tech (Internet Service), Munch Money and all utilities. Depending upon the meal plan you choose, rates will vary. Please see the Residential Life Office web page and click under rates to review the most current rates.

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What are the meal plans for the 2016/17 year?

For the 2016-17 academic year, there will be several meal plan options to select from.  All first year students are required to be on a meal plan for their entire first year. For further information about each of these plans, please click here.

When do the residence halls open for Fall 2016?
For all first year students and new entering transfer students entering to the University, the residence halls will open on Thursday, August 18th. Returning students will be allowed to move in on Friday, August 19th through Sunday, August 21st. Students will be mailed more information in the summer with specific directions and specific times that they can move in. It is very important to arrive during the designated times that your letter instructs. This will help to ensure for a smooth opening/check-in process.

When is New Student Orientation and what does it consist of?
Huskies First Four Days is our way of acquainting you with YOUR University. It's an opportunity to meet the people at SCSU who want to help you make the most of your college experience. All new entering students are expected to participate in. Huskies First Four Days will officially begin in the evening of August 18th. The days are designed to help get students acclimated and settled into their new community. There will be educational sessions and workshops, lectures, fun programs, games, teambuilding activities and tons of other fun. Classes begin for all SCSU students on Monday, August 22nd.

How do I go about changing my meal plan?
Students may change or modify their meal plan selection on-line.  Simply go to and enter your Star ID and password to log in. Click on the "Housing and Dining" link in the left tool bar then click the “Go to the Housing and Dining Services site” and make necessary changes or adjustments to your meal plan on this page.

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Can I change my meal plan during the year?

Yes, a limited time period is offered in the beginning of each semester to change your meal plan. You must go to the Residential Life Office, located in the Ervin House to make these changes. Students may also change this on-line at the following website. You will need to enter your Star ID and password to log in. Click on the "Housing and Dining" link in the left tool bar then click the "Go to the Housing and Dining Services" site and make necessary changes or adjustments to your meal plan on this page.

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Will my room have cable TV?

All residence hall rooms are provided with cable hook-up and computer network access. The cable package we offer is the extended basic digital in each of our residence halls. Please note that we recommend that you bring your own cable cord (20-25 feet) in length. Students must bring High Definition digital television sets with a QAM tuner built in order to receive our stations. No analog TV sets will work on our digital system. Please note that some "Element" brand TV sets do not work on our system so be sure it has a QAM tuner.

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Will I need a computer for my room?

Having a computer on campus is totally a personal choice. Many students opt to bring their own computer to campus. Students who do not have a computer will find that there are several places on campus in which to use a computer. Several of our residence halls have computer labs located within the building. Wireless technology is also available in all of the residence halls and throughout campus.

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Are telephone services provided?

No. most students rely on their personal cell phones for both local and long distance calling. Telephone lines in the residence halls are no longer active.

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What can I bring?

Students can bring a wide variety of things to personalize their rooms. We recommend that students work out some of these details with their roommate prior to their fall arrival as there is limited space. This helps avoid duplication and the hassle of having to return belongings back home. Items that are not allowed include any open flame cooking devices, candles with burnt wicks and hot plates. What Should I Bring? What Should I Leave at Home?

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What size are the mattresses and beds?

Most of the residence halls are equipped with extra long twin size beds (36" X 80"). Extra twin long sheets will be needed for these beds. Extra long twin sheets can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penney's and a wide variety of other retail or outlet stores. For further information about the linen program that is being endorsed by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), please click here. Students living in the new Coborn Plaza Apartments, will all have full size mattresses in their rooms so please purchase full size bedding for these beds.

Does SCSU offer a linen program for students living in the residence halls?
Yes. The Residence Hall Association, (RHA) has teamed up with OCM to offer students living on campus an opportunity to purchase linens through a mail order service. For information to this program, please click here

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What furniture is provided in the rooms?

Each room is furnished with two extra long twin size beds, desks, chairs, dressers, trash can, closet and drawer space. The room will also have curtains, blinds or shades. In the Stateview apartment community, no furniture is provided in the rooms. Students will have to bring their own. Students who live in Coborn Plaza Apartments will have a full size bed, desk, desk chair, 3 drawer dresser, Living room furniture and high top chairs for the kitchen island. All kitchen appliances are also furnished in both Stateview and Coborn Plaza Apartments.

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How much space is under the bed?

All beds have at least one foot of clearance from the bottom of the bed to the floor for added storage space. In rooms where the beds may be adjusted up and down, there can be a lot more room under these beds depending upon the height you desire.

Do I need curtains?

All rooms are provided with curtains, blinds or shades in their residence hall room.

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Is my room air conditioned?

The majority of our halls do not have air conditioning. We encourage students to bring and use fans to their preference. The residential communities that offer air conditioning in student rooms are Lawrence Hall, Stateview, Coborn Plaza Apartments and Shoemaker Hall East and West rooms. Case-Hill, Mitchell, and Sherburne halls have air conditioning in the main lobby/ public areas only.

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Can I decorate the walls?

We want you to make your room feel comfortable and cozy, yet we do not allow double sided adhesive tape or nails as this damage the walls. Students should not use sticky tape as well. Any damages done to the room will be charged to the occupants when they check out. For students living in Coborn Plaza Apartments, they have their own policy on this topic.

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Can I bring my own rug?

Yes, many students often bring area rugs or remnants to cover their floors and to personalize their rooms. The rooms all have tiled or wood floors.

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Can I switch rooms in the middle of the semester?

We have a two week room freeze in the beginning of each semester. Exceptions can be made in an emergency. If a roommate conflict arises, we encourage students to work out their differences/problems with their roommates. After the two week freeze is up and you are still having difficulties, please see your Community Advisor or Residence Hall Director to discuss a room/hall change.

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Do I need insurance to cover my belongings?

Yes, all students should check to see if they are covered under their parent's home owners policy or consider purchasing this added coverage to protect their personal belongings. The university is not liable, directly or indirectly, for theft, destruction, loss of money, valuables or other personal property. We encourage students to lock their room door at all times.

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Is there storage space available?

There is no additional storage space available in the residence halls for student’s personal belongings. Students should plan and pack accordingly. There is also no storage available in any of the residence halls over the summer months.

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Can I bring a bike to campus?

Yes, you may bring a bike to campus. Bikes may be stored near the outside of each of our residential communities. Bikes may also be stored in the student’s room with their roommate’s permission. Please bring a padlock and chain to secure the bike if left outside.

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Are cooking facilities available?

Each residence hall has at least one kitchen facility in the main lobby or one on each of the floors. This will consist of a stove, sink, and microwave. Some halls will also have a refrigerator. Each apartment within Stateview Apartments and Coborn Plaza Apartments have a full kitchen, consisting of a: sink, refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher.

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Are there laundry rooms in each residence hall and what does it cost?

Each of our residence halls have laundry facilities centrally located in their buildings at no additional cost. Many of the residence halls require card swipe access, with the exception of Stateview Apartments and Coborn Plaza Apartments. In Stearns Hall and W.W. Holes Hall there is a washing machine and dryer on each floor. For our larger residence halls, we also offer a free laundry alert service where students can receive a text or email on the status of their laundry. For a copy of this laundry alert guide, please click here.

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Can I bring a car to campus?

Yes, students can bring a car to campus but parking is very limited. There are plenty of bus and cab services available so having a car is not a necessity while living on campus.  Many amenities are also found within walking distance from the university. For further information/questions about parking, please contact the Public Safety Office,(320) 308-3453.

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What forms of transportation are available on and off campus?

The St. Cloud Metro bus is free to all students with their SCSU ID card. They offer a variety of routes in and around the SCSU campus and greater St. Cloud Community. There are also local taxi cab services available. Many amenities are also found within walking distance from the university.

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Can I move in early?

For most of our students, the answer to this questions is no. However, we do allow special permission on a case by case basis. Some exceptions include student athletes, International students, Husky Haulers, and students living out of state. Students needing an earlier move in time may request an early arrival date by emailing us at and providing us with their reasons for needing to do so. A committee will review these requests and if approved, will notify the students of the process. There is a nominal nightly charge if approval is given. Students can always move in anytime after their official check-in date and time and staff will be readily available to assist them.

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Can I purchase a loft for my room?

Yes, lofts are available for rent to on-campus students on a semester or academic year basis. More information will be mailed during the summer about this rental program. For additional information and to sign up for a loft, you may view their website at

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What size refrigerators are allowed in the halls?

A maximum of a 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator is permitted in student rooms. A rental program for 2.5, and 3.6 cubic foot refrigerators and microwaves/refrigerator/freezer combination units is available. These refrigerators are available to on-campus students on a semester or academic year basis. More information will be mailed during the summer about this rental program. For additional information, you may view their website at

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Are the residence halls safe?

Yes, we do everything in our power to make sure that you are in a safe and secure environment. We have 24 hour public safety officers on foot and bike patrol 365 days a year. Each of the front doors to each of the residence halls are locked nightly at 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and continuously locked at 7 p.m. Friday night through Monday morning at 6 am. Students must use their key and show proper ID to gain entry. Many of our halls have card access entry and video surveillance. Any guests after 9 p.m. must be checked into the building by a resident before entering and show proper identification. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own safety.

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What is Community Council?

One of the primary ways to get involved in your residence hall is through Community Council. Every student is automatically a member of their hall’s Community Council. It offers each student an opportunity to have a voice in what occurs in the hall, helps set or determine hall policies and helps plan both social and educational programs/activities in the buildings. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain leadership and get involved in campus life.

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When is Family Weekend?

Family Weekend is planned for September 16th-18th, 2016 on the SCSU Campus. There will be a wide variety of activities and events to help families see “life on campus!” This is part of Celebrate SCSU weekend and is an annual tradition that you will not want to miss. For additional information and to register on-line, please visit the following site.

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How do I find out about all the programs and activities I could become involved with?

There are many ways to find out about all the different programs and events that are happening at SCSU. Watch for posters/signs on your floor and lobby bulletin boards, attend Community Council and floor meetings, or ask your Community Advisor. Also watch the digital display monitors in many of our halls for the weekly Garvey menu and other SCSU sponsored programs and events.

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Is alcohol allowed on campus?

No. SCSU residence halls are completely dry and alcohol/drugs of any kind are not permitted, regardless of a student's age.

Which hall is best to live in?

This is completely a personal preference. All of our residential communities are totally unique and offer a wide variety of living options to its residents. Each community changes year to year based upon the students who live there and how involved and active they want their community to be. Some students choose their residence hall based upon location.  For example, Shoemaker Hall is on the far South side of the campus and is near Halenbeck Hall and the recreation facilities.  Students might choose Sherburne Hall as it is the tallest building on the SCSU campus and is also directly connected to the dining facility.  A student living in this building never has to go outside to eat a meal. Again, each hall is unique in personality and amenities in which it offers.  Please refer to the Residence Life website for additional information about each of our ten different residence halls. All you need to do is click on the residence hall and it will bring up all the information you need. to Top


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Do you offer any theme/special interest housing?

Yes, SCSU does offer theme housing in some of our communities. We have an “Honors Community” that is located in Case-Hill Hall. For students who need adaptive residence hall facilities, selected rooms are available in Mitchell Hall and Case-Hill residence halls. Students must notify our office if such accommodations are necessary. We also offer a LGBT Community in Benton Hall. For more information about the First Year Experience Program at SCSU, go to Please click this link to learn more about all the great Living/Learning Communities we offer.

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Are pets allowed on-campus?

For health and safety reasons, animals are not permitted in University operated residential communities. Students may have fish in approved aquariums. Students who may require a service animal, as defined by the American with Disabilities Act, while on campus students should contact Student Disability Services at (320) 308-4080 or by email at to coordinate accommodation needs and to complete appropriate paper work.

Can I stay in my residence hall over the break periods?

Yes, students must officially sign up, register and be approved to stay over any of the break periods. Break housing is designed to service international students, student athletes and other students who are unable to travel home during break periods. Currently, all the residence halls will be open during break periods but students need to register in advance of their plans to stay during this time.