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The Journey



Mission:   The SCSU Summer Program is designed to increase the possibilities for student success and development at St. Cloud State University and within the global community.  

•This is a first-year program designed to support students as they make the transition from high school to college.
•Participation in the SCSU Summer program provides early enrollment to a limited number of students who are ready to explore: SCSU and their own journey!  


  • You will have an identifiable peer support network starting your first day of classes;
  • You will have common interests with the other students in the program;
  • You will enjoy a more personable learning atmosphere and closer contact with faculty because of limited class sizes;
  • Your summer school professors are committed to addressing the unique needs of first year students, enhancing your chances for a successful start;
  • You will have an experienced student as your Peer Mentor, who is trained to offer support in adjusting academically and socially to campus life;
  • You will benefit from unique outside-the-classroom activities such as social events and field trips which are included in your program costs!

First-Year Experience Living/Learning Community:
 • As part of the summer program, all students will live in Mitchell Hall and participate in a living/learning community. This is a terrific way to help make a successful transition into the college experience and to become part of the St. Cloud State University community. During the fall semester, they will be housed on a floor in Sherburne Hall.


Attending the Summer Program:
 •Provides an opportunity to make an earlier transition into your college experience.
 •Links you to a network of faculty, staff and students for the first year, and throughout the rest of your college experience.
 •Helps you successfully complete 6 college level credits in 5 weeks.  

Outdoor Experience: The summer program incorporates an adventure leadership component into the integrated course structure. Given the rich culture, history and resources available regionally, our students have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into outdoor recreation and leadership opportunities as part of this unique program. In addition to the traditional classroom activities, students engage in purposeful outdoor activities that complement their academic coursework. For more information please contact Christine Metzo, Summer Program Director, at

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