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Living/Learning Communities

We offer a wide variety of community living experiences to meet your needs and preferences as you grow and change during your college experience. We provide traditional housing experiences, living/learning communities, and more independent living arrangements. The Department of Residential Life has added some additional living/learning communities. A basic description is listed below about each community. Please note that by checking the Living/Learning Community, this will supersede all previous preferences that you listed on your original housing agreement and your room assignment will be made in the residence hall in which the Living/Learning community is housed.

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Pre-Nursing Community
Criminal Justice & Pre-Law Community

Recovery Community









Pre-Nursing Community:

The Pre-Nursing Living Learning Community is for first-year students who have indicated a strong interest in pursuing pre-nursing at St. Cloud State University. Students living in this community will take common coursework required for Pre- Nursing students and begin their preparation to be life-long contributors to the nursing profession. Students will also have opportunities to attend floor events focused on academic success, interact with local healthcare practitioners, volunteer at local healthcare facilities to gain firsthand knowledge of the healthcare field, and participate in the SCSU Nursing Club. More Info



Criminal Justice & Pre-Law Community:

The Criminal Justice/Pre-Law Community is for students interested in the careers in the criminal justice and legal professions. Students will take a common set of courses, explore the field of criminal justice and the career file paths possible, and explore the legal profession and understand the requirements for admission in to law school. Students will also have opportunities to connect with local criminal justice professionals and lawyers, participate and host campus events which contribute to public safety on campus and within the St. Cloud area, and participate in student organizations related to criminal justice and the legal profession. More Info



Pre-Business Living Learning Community:

The Pre-Business Living Learning Community is for high ability students interested in the pre-business curriculum at the St. Cloud State University Herberger Business School. This community will be housed in the newly renovated Shoemaker Hall. Students living in this community can expect to understand the admission requirements for each major within the business school, engage and collaborate with campus resources that support academic success, increase their confidence to pursue their academic and career goals, and complete coursework required by the business school.  Students will also have opportunities to attend student organization/club meetings, socials, guest speakers, career exploration activities including job shadows and career fairs, and a variety of workshops addressing stress management, networking, and interview skills. More Info






Honors Community:

Students accepted into the University Honors program are strongly encouraged to consider living in the Honors Community on a co-ed floor in Case-Hill Hall. This living-learning community is designed to complement and support your academic work while also giving you opportunities to meet people and have fun.
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Global Living Community:

Do you have an interest exploring other cultures and broadening your understanding of the world around you? If so, we invite you to be part of our Global Living Community. The GLC, housed in Lawrence Hall will serve to provide opportunities for learning, personal and academic growth, and overall success in college. Both American and International students who know and enjoy learning foreign languages and who enjoy experiencing the customs and cultures of countries from around the globe are encouraged to join this unique living experience. The intention of the community is to broaden resident’s perspectives of the world around them. Special features of this community include participation in cultural nights, foreign language discussion groups, exploration of the many diverse opportunities SCSU offers, and close interaction with the Department of Foreign Languages, Education Abroad, and the Center for International Studies.
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Transfer Connections:

The Department of Residential Life is pleased to offer an exciting living opportunity for our transfer students in Benton Hall. Participation in this living community will provide opportunities for transfer students to build university connections while transitioning successfully into a new college environment. In this community you will be surrounded by other transfer students from a range of institutions around the country who are experiencing similar challenges and successes while transitioning to SCSU. Special features of this community include the opportunity to live with a group of individuals who share common experiences and needs as a transfer student, participation in events planned only for transfer students (i.e., transfer socials, etc.) and connections to campus resources that promote academic success.
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Pride Living Community:

The Department of Residential Life in collaboration with the LGBT Resource Center has developed the first all-gendered housing option at St. Cloud State University. This community will live in Benton Hall. All-gender housing allows same gender roommates, opposite gender roommates or other gender-identity roommate pairings in University operated housing. The community is designed as an intentional living community affirming the cultural experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, gender-queer, gender-variant, questioning and any other resident who does not fit into the gender binary, as well as their allies.
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Recovery Community:

St. Cloud State University is proud to announce the creation of a Recovery Community designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students in recovery can receive support while working to obtain a college degree. This residentially based program located in Coborn Plaza Apartments applies best practice strategies that assist students in developing the behaviors and skills necessary to allow them to succeed while in recovery.
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