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Employment Opportunities : SCSU Profile

Since 1869

St. Cloud State University has been a higher education leader in a state renowned for innovation at all levels of teaching and learning. From training of the region’s first teachers to preparing today’s business, science, communications and creative leaders, SCSU has been dedicated to serving the individual student and committed to providing a career-focused education and lifelong learning skills.

St. Cloud State has launched dynamic projects that have revitalized the university and its commitment to excellence, including a new $32.5 million, state-of-the-art library that is the visual and academic centerpiece of the campus.

St. Cloud State University fosters a community of students, faculty, and staff who represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives working successfully together.

St. Cloud State University Profile

Enrollment: 15,000 students, 20 percent nontraditional: 4 percent represent domestic minorities; 6 percent international, representing 80 nations.

Community Profile

Population: More than 100,000 in the metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing in Minnesota.

Economy: Strong retail and light manufacturing economy supported by major employers like Electrolux, Champion, and Dezurik plus four colleges and a regional hospital.

Quality of Life: A community that combines urban and rural living, including a strong cultural and educational base and recreation abounding in the form of lakes, hiking trails, and other natural amenities. St. Cloud State University plays a strong role in the community as an educational and cultural leader.

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