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Space Reservation Policy
When making reservations for summer conference groups and camps, the following guidelines will assist the Department of Residential Life to adequately reserve bed space for all of our groups:

  1. Reservation Request form should be submitted as early as possible so we can best accommodate preferences. Requests will be processed, and space reserved based on the date this document is received. Groups/departments with a balance due from a previous stay will not have a new request processed until full payment of past due fees are received.
  2. Once a Reservation Request has been submitted, staff will review the request and send out a Confirmation Agreement confirming space availability and preferred requests.
  3. New groups will be required to submit a deposit along with the signed Confirmation Agreement.
  4. The group/department will be asked to review, sign and return the Confirmation Agreement within 30 days. A signed Confirmation Agreement obligates the requesting group/department to a guaranteed payment for no less than 55% of the reserved bed space count. Confirmation Agreements received by the Department of Residential Life after May 1 cannot be guaranteed, and will be honored based upon space availability. Confirmation Agreements that are not returned within 30 days will be considered canceled.
  5. A cancellation charge of $100 will be assessed if the conference/camp/workshop is canceled after March 1, but before May 1. Cancellations past May 1 will be subject to the 55% guarantee bed count noted in the Confirmation Agreement.
  6. Final numbers should be confirmed no later than 30 days prior to arrival date of the first participant for the conference, camp, or workshop group.

Room Assignment and Key Distribution
Each Conference/Camp Group Coordinator will work with the Department of Residential Life to facilitate the room assignment and key distribution process:

  1. The assigned residence hall(s) will be communicated to the Group Coordinator and a blank roster(s) sent in advance of the conference/camp/workshop so room preferences can be determined.
  2. Specific room assignments and key distribution are coordinated between conference participants and Residential Life staff.
  3. Return of keys and check-out will also be coordinated between conference group and Residential Life staff. Late check-out will subject the conference group to a $100 late fee.
  4. Replacement costs for lost keys will be noted in the confirmation information sent to each group/department.

Billing Process
The Residential Life Conference Staff will review a preliminary billing statement with the coordinator of the group/department at least 24 hours prior to departure. A final billing statement will be sent to the group/department within 30 business days after departure. Full payment is due upon receipt of the billing statement.

Accounts are considered past due after 45 days. A $50 late charge will be assessed for the first 30 days past due. An additional $100 late charge will be added for each additional 30 days past due, until charges are paid in full. Groups/departments with outstanding balances will be unable to reserve space for the next summer schedule until all fees are paid in full. This includes any late charges, extra cleaning fees, key replacements, etc.

Questions regarding billing, and reservation requests should be directed to the Associate Director for Student and Guest Services, Department of Residential Life.


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