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Top Ten Reasons To Live On Campus

Top Ten

10. Meet New People:
Living on campus allows you to meet people from all around the world. Roam through the halls and chat with other students hanging out on their floors, lounge or lobby area. The residence halls are the first places where you will make new lifelong friends that are only a room or residence hall away.

9. No Need to Cook:
Not a gourmet chef? Don’t worry; all your meals are prepared for you with a meal plan that fits both your needs and lifestyle. If you do get in the mood to prepare your own meals, just utilize one of our many kitchen facilities in one of our residence halls. Lastly, leave the dishes for someone else to clean!

8. Get Involved:

SCSU currently boasts more than 250 clubs and organizations in which to become involved with. Take on a student leadership position, run for an office or play in one of our intramural or club sports. We promise that we have something for everyone.

7. Live Close-Sleep In:
When students live on campus, they don’t have to waste time sitting in traffic, searching for parking or filling up on gas. You can actually still be sleeping while your off campus friends are finding their way onto campus. Facilities like the Atwood Student Center, The Recreation Center, and downtown St Cloud are all within a short walking distance. Classes are all less than a 5 minute walk away so roll out of bed, brush your teeth and head off to class.

6. The Caring On-Campus Staff:
Help is just a phone call or door step away. A variety of services such as mentors, Community Advisors, Night Security staff, and Public Safety staff are readily available to help you become successful and answer any questions that you might have. Try finding this with your off-campus landlord.

5. Hassle Free Billing:
With off campus living, there is rent, gas, electricity, water, trash, cable, internet, furniture, deposits, and grocery shopping. While living on campus, we have no hidden fees whatsoever and all of these utilities and more are included in your room and board rates.

4. Safety and Security:
Public Safety is readily available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They can assist with emergencies or campus escorts. The residence halls also have extensive security measures in place making sure that the residence halls are as safe and secure as possible.

3. High Tech Learning:
All of our residence halls have wireless technology throughout each of our buildings and many of our residence halls have computer labs in them as well. In-room data connections using the Universities fiber optics makes surfing the internet a breeze.

2. Location, Location, Location:
Living on campus means you live near the heart of campus. Catch one of the campus shuttles from one end of the campus to the other and/or show your SCSU ID card and ride the Metro bus system anywhere in the St. Cloud area for free. Almost everything you need can be found on or closely near the campus.

1. The Total College Experience:
No other time in your life can you experience new cultures, new friendships and live in a community rich with diversity and ways of viewing the world. Research shows that students who live on campus are more connected to the overall University experience, are more involved, and get better grades than those who don’t. Live with us, and not only will you make the grades, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.