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Welcome Parents and Families

We at St. Cloud State University who work with college students know how valuable resources and support are to both parents and guardians of college students. We find that the parents/guardians who are most actively involved and maintain open communication lines with their sons and daughters. Students from these families are most likely to succeed academically, make wise and appropriate choices and refrain from engaging in high risk behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse.

We have put together the following links to aid you on your quest for knowledge. Whether these resources are for your first child you are sending to college or your second or third, we hope you will find the information provided below to be educational, informative and relative to the needs of today's students. We wish you the best and much success on your journey as you transition away from your most valuable assets, your son's and/or daughter's.

Additional Informative Pages

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Alcohol, Other Drugs and College: "A Parent's Guide"

National Resource Center for First-Year Experience Students in Transition

Parents Guide to College

Money Management-Helpful info for Students and Families

Birthday Bash Info

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A Guide for Sexual Assault Survivors

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