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Parent Testimonials

The experience of meeting new people from from all over is a great advantage of my son living on campus. He's on his own, but still close to home. There's constant access to classes, activities, mentors, new friends, etc. There can't be an easier and more convenient way to go to school.
Anja Vernick, Otsego MN

There is so much to do on campus - living on campus would help students feel "included."
Mike and Carol Westaby, Belgrade MN

Our Daughter has become very independent. The best part about living on campus is convenience, convenience, convenience.
The Garbrecht's, Stevens Point WI

I'm happier! Students are more likely to become involved in campus activities, become better acquainted with other students. It gives parents peace of mind. I think it's safer (and cheaper in the long run).
Mark and Brenda Faust, Long Prairie MN

Living on campus has widened my son's experience (in room cleaning) and has made him better at socializing.
Norma and Richard Mellinger, East Bethel MN

I think living on campus gives my son a better chance to find out about and participate in campus activites. You also meet a lot of people and make friends. Everyone should live on campus for at least one year. It helps you learn more about the university.
Lisa Severson, Eau Claire WI

First year, must live on campus, it's the only way to go!
Reed and Jeanne Baler, Wayzata MN

Living on campus helped my son develop life long skills including independence, responsibility, and time management. I saw these skills greatly increase throughout the year as my son was immersed in the on-campus social environment.
-Gary and Clare Cypull, Cedar MN

Having my daughter live on campus gives me true peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about her safety and she can truly experience the full "college experience”. She is closer to classes, closer to other students, in the "hub" of activity, and not only that, it is cheaper.
-Clorida Beitelspacher, Sioux Falls SD

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