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Fact Sheet for On Demand Movies


  • Watch Free On Demand Movies Now:
  • You must have the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed on your computer to view the movies. (To have this plug-in on their computer the student will automatically be prompted to download it for FREE when they try to click on a movie. Many students will already have this application on their computer. Silverlight is Microsoft’s new version of Windows Media Player)
  • Movies can only be viewed on the campus internal closed network. This means you must be on campus to have view the movies.
  • Movies can also be viewed through on-campus wireless port
  • Movies cannot be viewed through any device that will not support Microsoft Silverlight such as PlayStation 3
  • Movies can be viewed on flat screen TVs by hooking up a VGA connector from your computer to the TV. As long as the TV has a VGA input it should work.

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