Office of Records and Registration

Office of Records and Registration

Veterans Administration Regulations

St. Cloud State Veterans Web Site:
SCSU Veterans GI Bill Benefits Office – Admin. Services Bldg-Rm 118 - Phone (320) 308-4040
V.A. Education Benefits Toll Free Number - 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GIBill-1)
GI Bill Web Site:    ---  Direct Deposit Number is 1-877-838-2778



  1. Apply at the SCSU veterans office each summer, fall, or spring to re-establish your benefits for the coming semester or school year by completing the SCSU enrollment application.

  2. Notify the SCSU veterans office (320-308-4040) immediately of any changes you make in:  a) your credit load   b) your address or  c)  your major.  E-mail Kathie at:

  3. Verify your monthly enrollment on or after the last day of each month by calling 1-877-823-2378 if you have had no change in credit load OR by going to VA website to WAVE at to verify and/or make changes affecting pay.  (You must do this before your payment will be released!!)
  4. Send your AARTS, SMART or CCAF transcript to the Records Office, Room AS-118 to have your military education credits evaluated and applied to your college degree requirements.

  5. Make normal academic progress by earning a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 after two terms.

  6. Know the policy on repeating a class.  You cannot be paid for a course in which you previously received a passing grade (D or better) unless a higher grade is required for the major or is a prerequisite for another course needed in your major.

  7. Know that a course that meets only part of the term  will lower your credits and pay for the other part of the term unless total credits remain above 12  for the whole term.

  8. Know the reasons that an overpayment in your account may occur and the consequences of such.

    Some of the reasons are:
    1. withdrawing from a course without mitigating circumstances and/or dropping below 12 credits.
    2. receiving a grade which does not count toward graduation requirements.
    3. repeating a class in which you previously received a passing grade.

    The consequences are:

    1. you will either have to repay the overpayment to the VA if you quit school OR
    2. your future payments will be reduced until the overpayment is paid off.

  9. Apply for your major after you have completed 60 credits or get a waiver from your advisor indicating when you will be admitted into your major program.

  10. Call the toll-free number, 1-888-442-4551, or go to the VA website and click on “Ask a Question” to find out your remaining months of eligibility, to notify them of your address change, and to get answers to your questions regarding the amount or whereabouts of your monthly payment.

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