Office of Records and Registration

First Time License


You must have the following things in place BEFORE you apply for a Minnesota Teaching License:

      1. All grades must be posted on the transcript;
      2. The degree must be posted on the transcript;
      3. The edTPA must be submitted;
      4. You must have the official score reports (email with barcode) for all required Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams.

Read through all instructions to become familiar with them before proceeding.

Instructions for First Time Full Professional Minnesota License:

  1. Go to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) web site at
  2. Click on Educator Excellence and then choose Licensing.
  3. Select Online Licensing System.
  4. You are now ready to set up your user profile including a User ID and a Password. Click on Create New MDE Account section.
  5. After you accept the agreement, you will enter the user information (first name, last name, full name, etc.)
  6. From this point, you will follow the screen prompts as you submit information. If problems, contact MDE at 651-582-8691.
  7. Upon completion of the online application, the MN Department of Education will have received your initial application, your conduct review statement, and your fees. You have sixty (60) days from this point to submit the remaining materials (the license application cover page, the verification page, the fingerprint card, and the transcript fee).

You must submit the following items to the Office of Records and Registration, AS-118 at St. Cloud State University(NOTE: We recommend using a large manila envelope for mailing/delivery to SCSU.)

  1. License Application Cover Page – Download this form via the online application process - will indicate the applicant information required by the Minnesota Department of Education. There is a checklist at the bottom of the page. Do not write on this page.
  2. Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program Form – Locate this form at the bottom of the checklist on the Cover Page. Download this form – it will indicate the applicant’s name, address, date of birth, phone number and a processing number. The License Certifying Officer in the Office of Records and Registration will complete this form. Do not write on this page.
  3. Fingerprint Card - It must be a Minnesota Department of Education fingerprint card. Make sure all the required personal information and your signature are completed on the form. To be fingerprinted, you may go to the SCSU PublicSafety Department located on campus (appointments are required) or to any local law enforcement agency. Do not bend or fold this card.
  4. $10 check, money order or cash made payable to SCSU. This is for your official SCSU transcript. The License Certifying Officer will request the transcript for you. 

The SCSU License Certifying Officer will verify completion of your program and mail your materials to the MDE for you.  Applicants should verify that all financial obligations to SCSU have been cleared.
Please send the four items listed above directly to:
Office of Records and Registration
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

Any partial or incomplete submission will be returned to the applicant. Any questions can be directed to Rita Moore at 320-308-4037 or

Updated: 12/14