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Medical Device Educational Opportunities

Individual RAS courses are excellent training and professional development resources for those in the medical device industry and those interested in getting into the industry.

MSRAS course catalog

2013-14 Course Catalog (pdf)
Graduate Education in Regulatory Affairs and Services
The first in the country for medical devices

Industry scrutiny by FDA and international regulatory bodies is increasing. Regulatory compliance and timely market approvals are not just the responsibility of regulatory affairs. Those who contribute to regulatory submissions or are involved in compliance activities would benefit from an understanding of the regulatory requirements and environment and how it affects their responsibilities. 
The broad based RAS curriculum is designed to train regulatory affairs professionals. Individual RAS courses can also be of applicable for R&D, manufacturing engineers, quality, clinical, marketing and other medical device professionals. The following courses are foundational and examples of courses with broad applicability in a medical device organization. 

For a complete listing of RAS courses including course descriptions, learning objectives and listings of who would benefit click on the RAS Course Catalog above.
From a training and professional development stand point, RAS courses are far superior to on the job training.  RAS courses are also more comprehensive, more convenient and more economical than a seminar on a similar topic in Washington D. C. or other location. 

Registration for individual RAS courses requires an undergraduate degree. Prior industry experience may also be needed depending on the specific course and individual’s responsibilities and learning objectives. Individual RAS courses are open to students outside the Twin Cities area via Adobe Connect.

The following 2014-15 RAS courses are open to independent students subject to prerequisites listed in the RAS Course Catalog.

Fall (last day to register is August 29, 2014)

Spring (last day to register is January 2, 2015)

Summer (last day to register is April 27, 2015)

To apply for individual RAS courses, complete the Special Student Registration Form at the following:

The completed registration form should be submitted to:
School of Graduate Studies
St. Cloud State University
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