The Racial Issues Colloquium comprises faculty from the Colleges of Social Sciences and Education committed to providing courses that offer students a critical analysis of the effects of racism, discrimination and oppression in the lives of African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans and Chicano/as in the United States.

Community Studies

Luke Tripp
Office: SH 340
Phone: 320-308-3913
E-mail: ltripp@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/lstripp/luke.htm

Margaret Villanueva
Office: SH 341
Phone: 320-308-2140
Email: mvillanueva@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/mavillanueva/


Tommie Jackson
Office: R 211A
Phone: 320-308-3188
E-mail: tljackson@stcloudstate.edu

Ethnic Studies

Robert Johnson
Office: 525B; 51 Building; Room 203
Phone: 320-308-3036
E-mail: robjohn@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/rcjohnson/

Kyoko Kishimoto
Office: 51 Building; Room 202
Phone: 320-308-5627
E-mail: kkishimoto@stcloudstate.edu

Jeanne Lacourt
Office: 51 Building; Room 204
Phone: 320-308-1048
E-mail: jalacourt@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/jalacourt/

Christopher Lehman
Office: 51 Building; Room 205
Phone: 320-308-5127
E-mail: cplehman@stcloudstate.edu

Darlene St. Clair
Office: MC 137; 51 Building, Room 200
Phone: 320-308-6476
E-mail: dstclair@stcloudstate.edu


Jason Eden
Office: SH 271
Phone: 320-308-4935
E-mail: jeeden@stcloudstate.edu

Robert Galler, Jr.
Office: SH 277
Phone: 320-308-4902
E-mail: rwgaller@stcloudstate.edu

Mark Jaede
Office: SH 278
Phone: 320-308-5656
E-mail: mgjaede@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/mgjaede/

Jeffrey Mullins
Office: SH 283
Phone: 320- 308-6134
E-mail: jamullins@stcloudstate.edu

Human Relations

Semya Hakim
Office: EB B118B
Phone: 320-308-3264
E-mail: shakim@stcloudstate.edu

Sudie Hofmann
Office: A 283
Phone: 320-308-4076
E-mail: shofmann@stcloudstate.edu

Tamrat Tademe
Office: EB B240
Phone: 320-308-4952
E-mail: ttademe@stcloudstate.edu


Tracy Ore
Office: SH 251
Phone: 654-5570
E-mail: tore@stcloudstate.edu
Web site: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/teore/

Affiliated Faculty


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