Valuable Property

  • Keep your possessions in sight at all times. Do not leave books or backpacks unattended.
  • If you leave your residence hall room, apartment or office for even a few minutes, lock the door.
  • Never leave a wallet or purse on top of your desk or dresser in your residence hall room or office. Take it with you or lock it in a drawer.
  • Avoid taking wallets, money and jewelry into athletic facilities and storing them in lockers. These areas are sometimes susceptible to theft. If you do store these items in a locker, use a high quality combination or key lock to secure your property.
  • Mark your high-ticket personal property items (i.e. Stereos, MP3 players, laptops, computers, or other electronic devices) using an acceptable method that will support recovery of any such item if lost or stolen.

Information and

Public Safety Center
526 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-308-3333

Parking Office
Phone: 320-308-3453
Fax: 320-308-3906


St. Cloud Police Department
Phone: 320-251-1200
Fax: 320-650-3839

Stearns County
Sheriff Department

Phone: 320-259-3700

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