Reporting a Crime

Steps for reporting a crime:

Call 911 in an emergency. An emergency involves danger to a person’s safety or property. Ask for a law enforcement agency. In St. Cloud, the call will usually be connected to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department.

Most law enforcement agencies also have a "non-emergency" number. This number is usually listed in the front of the phone book, or the information operator can provide it. Use the non-emergency number only if there is no danger at that time.

St. Cloud Police Department “non-emergency” line:
Services are available Monday through Friday,

If a victim is not sure about whether to call law enforcement, he/she could ask someone he trusts to help him/her make the decision and perhaps help make the call.

Another option is to go to the Public Safety Department to report the crime in person. Everyone should know where the Public Safety Department (hyper link to campus map with PSD highlighted) and the nearest law enforcement agency is located. If a victim is not sure about going alone, she could ask someone she trusts to go with her.

A Public Safety Officer will ask questions about the victim, the offender, and about what happened. If the victim is upset, he may have difficulty recalling details about what happened, or may not be able to clearly describe them. Tell the Public Safety or law enforcement officer that it may take extra time to explain what happened.

The officer will write down the facts on a report form, which will be used in investigating the violation. The victim has a right to have a copy of the report, although it may take a few days to type it up. Once a report has been taken, the officer will begin an investigation, which may involve talking to other witnesses (if any), collecting evidence (proof), and looking for a suspected offender. An investigation may be concluded quickly, or it may take some time.

St. Cloud State University offers assistance to victims in many areas.  If not, they may work closely with a victim assistance program located in the community. Someone from a victim assistance program can help victims, witnesses and family members to report the offense and can provide support throughout the investigation.

The officer may not mention that they have a victim assistance program, so the victim may have to ask if they have one.

Information and

Public Safety Center
526 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-308-3333

Parking Office
Phone: 320-308-3453
Fax: 320-308-3906


St. Cloud Police Department
Phone: 320-251-1200
Fax: 320-650-3839

Stearns County
Sheriff Department

Phone: 320-259-3700

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