Safety Escorts

The Public Safety Department provides a safety escort program for students, employees, and guests whose circumstances require them to travel alone on campus and to and from campus, in isolated areas after dark, during times of low activity on campus or whenever there is concern for one's own personal safety.

The Safety Escort program is intended to supplement our Husky Shuttle service.


Hours of Operation:

The service operates seven nights a week from dusk to dawn.  Escorts generally are not provided during the daytime hours without the permission of the on-duty supervisor or department administrator.  


How to Request a Safety Escort:

  • Call 320-308-3333 at the desired time of transportation
  • Provide your first name and number of additional individuals (up to 3)
  • Advise your current location, desired destination location
  • Prepare to be ready when Public Safety arrives

Because of the various patrol functions required of the officers, there may sometimes be a short waiting period. Waiting times may vary depending on the number of calls and the locations of the escorts.


Escort Boundaries:

From the Mississippi River west on 3rd Street South, south on 7th Avenue S., west on 4th Street S. to 9th .Avenue S. (east side only) including the dead end block of 8thAvenue S., south on 9thAvenue S., east on University Drive S., south on 7th Avenue S., east on 11th Street S., south on 6th Avenue S., east on 16th Street S. to the southern campus boundary. Boundaries Map 


Please note the following:

  • The Safety Escort Program does not transport persons who have been consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • Safety Escort policy requires that at least one location (beginning or ending) be on-campus. Because of other demands on officers' time, there may be a short wait depending on the time of the escort request. Be sure to find a safe, well-lit location to wait for the escort.
  • For individuals with disabilities, or for locations off-campus, a vehicle escort will be provided.
  • Safety Escorts are provided to ensure safe arrival to campus and surrounding area locations. It is not a taxi service and no advance appointments can be made, except in the case of certain extenuating situations.
  • At no time will a Public Safety Officer transport a sick or injured party but will refer this person to the local Emergency Medical Service. If a person should become ill while utilizing the escort service the dispatcher will notify the Stearns County Dispatch Center.

  • If a person calls requesting a riding escort, and is unable to move by their own power (i.e. wheel chair, etc.) we will refer the call to the MetroBus Dial-A-Ride Service. The Public Safety vehicles are not equipped to provide this type of service.

Information and

Public Safety Center
526 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-308-3333

Parking Office
Phone: 320-308-3453
Fax: 320-308-3906


St. Cloud Police Department
Phone: 320-251-1200
Fax: 320-650-3839

Stearns County
Sheriff Department

Phone: 320-259-3700

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