Majors and minors

It is important that students consult early with departmental advisers, particularly if their plan is to continue their education in graduate school.

To be admitted into the psychology major students need to have taken at least 11 credits in psychology and have a 2.50 GPA overall at SCSU. Transfer students should meet with a Psychology Department adviser as soon as possible. In order to graduate, students need at least 15 psychology credits in residence and have achieved at least a 2.50 GPA in psychology.

This major requires either one year in a single foreign language OR a minor.

Social Studies Club

Annual Dept. Scholarship Awards

2014 Psychology Dept. Merit Award ($320. Eligibility: Declared major; 3.5 GPA; Psi Chi member for at least one term; returning for fall 14/spring 15 semesters)

2014 Mary Boltuck Award ($200. Eligibility: Psi Chi member for at least a semester; 3.5 GPA; accepted to a graduate program)

Psychology Dept Grad School Preparation Award ($200 to help with grad school application costs. Eligibility: Declared major, 3.5 GPA, will enroll for 12 credits fall term)

Other awards

Wedum Foundation award for single mothers

Wedum application requirements & procedure

Wedum application form

SCSU Women's Center scholarships (several for women 25+ years of age)

Teaching Assistantships

employment and internships

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