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Carol BordenDr. Carol Borden
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 1B Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-6682
Email: clborden@stcloudstate.edu

Dr. Borden received her master’s and doctoral degrees in General/Experimental psychology from the University of North Dakota.  She is also licensed as a registered nurse with a BS in Nursing from Bemidji State University. She has worked in health care settings and social service agencies, but enjoys most the university setting. Her primary research interests are in the many physiological factors that influence cognitive performance including blood pressure, cortisol, and sleep quality.

Brenda BuswellDr. Brenda Buswell
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 5A Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-3096
Email: bnbuswell@stcloudstate.edu

Dr. Buswell received her degree in social psychology from the University of Wisconsin Madison.



Marlene DeVoeDr. Marlene DeVoe
Professor of Psychology

Office: 204 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-5368
Email: mrdevoe@stcloudstate.edu
Web: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/mrdevoe/
Marlene DeVoe’s primary specialty area is in Life-Span Developmental Psychology. Her main research interest is in cognitive-affective development. Her current research is in the impact grandparents have on college students’ development. Teaching interests lie in the area of Life-Span Development (e.g., child, adolescence, adult), as well as seminars and research based courses on emotional development. Dr. DeVoe completed her undergraduate degree at Grand Valley State University, and then went to Wayne State University for both her M.S. and Ph.D. in Life-Span Developmental psychology.


Dr. GoddingDr. Phillip Godding
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 309 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-4147
Email: prgodding@stcloudstate.edu

Hello, I’m Dr. Godding and I teach several courses in the Psychology Department: Disorders, Forensics, Personality, Health and Internship are common courses on my schedule.
I was raised on a farm in rural Minnesota; I earned my Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Minnesota - Morris with Dr. Ernest Kemble as my mentor; I then earned a Masters in Psychology at North Dakota State University with Dr. Russ Glasgow as my mentor; then it was on to Florida State University for my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with Dr. Robert Klepac was my mentor. I finished my graduate training at the University of Mississippi Medical School internship. I stayed on as faculty in the medical school, as well as running clinical programs for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center, for fourteen years before coming to SCSU in 2000. Since coming to SCSU I've taught psychology, served as an administrator, and I continue to provide clinical consulting services to district courts.
The reason I listed by mentoring faculty is that at each of those schools I attended I had faculty member who took a risk on me, brought me into their research and labs, treated me with respect and pushed me hard to succeed in the classroom and the community. I hope your time at SCSU will be filled with faculty who treat you with respect, push you to learn Psychology in all its applications, and help you give back to the community.

Amanda HemmeschDr. Amanda Hemmesch
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 304 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-3215
Email: arhemmesch@stcloudstate.edu
Dr. Hemmesch received her Masters and PhD in Lifespan Social-Developmental Psychology from Brandeis University. Her research focuses on improving health, well-being, and quality of life for older adults and individuals with chronic conditions. She is interested in how health and psychosocial factors, especially social relationships, influence development and well-being throughout adulthood. Her current research examines nonverbal behavior, interpersonal perception, and social relationships in the context of Parkinson's disease and stigmatizing conditions. Her previous work has examined psychosocial influences of pain and well-being for individuals with osteoarthritis, as well as social preferences across the lifespan. Dr. Hemmesch is always looking for motivated research assistants who share an interest in social and developmental psychology, especially aging.

Jody Illies

Dr. Jody Illies
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 205 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-5772
Email: jjillies@stcloudstate.edu Web: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/jjillies/

Jody Illies received his master's and doctoral degrees in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Illies’ research interests include organizational problem solving and decision making, creativity and innovation, leadership, and the use of biographical data as an assessment tool. In his most recent studies, he has been exploring the influence of individual differences and situational characteristics on leader emergence and employee creativity. If you find any of his research areas intriguing, or just want to talk about I-O or research in general, please contact Dr. Illies.

Chris Jazwinski

Dr. Chris Jazwinski
Professor of Psychology

Office: 209 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-3271Email: chjazwinski@stcloudstate.edu
: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/chjazwinski/

Dr. Jazwinski received her Master's degree in clinical psychology from the University of Warsaw, Poland and her Ph.D. in social psychology from Purdue University. Dr. Jazwinski's scholarly interests lie in the area of social psychology, as well as conservation and environmental psychology. She is also interested in the psychology of the Holocaust and the political psychology of dictatorships. Dr. Jazwinski’s teaching interests include social psychology, environmental and conservation psychology, prosocial behavior, the psychology of groups, cross-cultural psychology, psychology of women, and research design. Dr. Jazwinski is very interested in having students work with her in her research areas. Please stop by to talk about research ideas.

John Kulas

Dr. John Kulas
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 303 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-3234
Email: jtkulas@stcloudstate.edu
Homepage: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/jtkulas

Dr. Kulas received his M.A. and Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from Northern Illinois University. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Kulas has worked as a test publisher (NCS/London House), an internal I/O consultant (SBC Communications), and as an I/O team leader for a small management consulting firm (Corporate Psychology Resources). Dr. Kulas is interested in any practical research applied to issues of people at work, but specific areas of interest include: psychological processes involved in responding to assessments, personality specification and measurement, and cross-disciplinary research. Students interested in any of these areas of research, or with a desire to pursue their own research questions related to workers and/or organizations, are encouraged to contact Dr. Kulas (he is a self-admitted sucker for new research projects).

Joe Melcher

Dr. Joseph Melcher
Department Chairperson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 102A Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-2188
Email: jmmelcher@stcloudstate.edu

Joseph Melcher is a cognitive psychologist with interests in learning and memory. He is also interested in the acquisition of expertise, the psychology of human factors in design, everyday memory and eyewitness memory. He has done some research on the effects of speech recognition on the quality of students' writing and is currently doing research with students in the areas of satisfaction with choices, and in training working memory. He welcomes contact with students who would like to get involved in doing research in these areas. In his spare time enjoys outdoor activities, bicycling, mushrooming, gardening, and music of all kinds.

Gerry Mertens

Gerald Mertens
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 11 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-2138
Email: gcmertens@stcloudstate.edu

Daren Protolipac

Dr. Daren Protolipac
Coordinator of Industrial-Organizational Graduate Program and Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: 1B Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-5750
Email: dsprotolipac@stcloudstate.edu

Dr. Protolipac received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology from Northern Illinois University. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and received his B.S. in Psychology from Northern Illinois University. His research areas include content- and criterion-related selection measure development and evaluation; personality influences on organizational, team, and individual outcomes; cross-level off-the-job interactions; team selection methods on work-team outcomes; psychometric techniques and theory; and training and organizational development. His most recent project explored the impact of current mood states on the accuracy and generalizability of Angoff cutoff score judgments using a generalizability framework. His teaching interests lie in the area of training and organizational development, psychometrics, organizational behavior, and personnel selection. Students interested in any of these avenues of research, or with personal interests in research related to any aspect of organizational functioning and/or members of organizations are encouraged to contact Dr. Protolipac. He is always looking to create new research teams and projects.

Zoa Rockenstein

Dr. Zoa Rockenstein
Professor of Psychology

Office: 203 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-4158
Email: zlrockenstein@stcloudstate.edu
Homepage: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/zlrockenstein/

Dr. Zoa Rockenstein teaches Psychology of Creativity, Honors Creative Thinking, Managing Innovation, Psychology of Women, Research in the Psychology of Women, and Honors Psychology of Gifted Women. She also co-ordinates the Psychology Department’s peer advising program. Her past assignments have included Director of the University Honors Program, senior author and project director of a FIPSE-funded interdisciplinary first-year honors curriculum, and Psychology Department Chair.Dr. Rockenstein earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Georgia. in 1985 with a major emphasis in intellectual giftedness and minors in business management and creativity.Dr. Rockenstein especially enjoys sharing her original methods for developing creativity in the business sector. She has taught management seminars in creativity at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in Buffalo, NY. Her corporate clients include Kodak, DuPont, and 3M. She has served as keynote speaker for state, national, and international conferences in business, government, and education.Dr. Rockenstein authored the textbook Training the Creative/Intuitive Mind and has contributed chapters and journal articles to publications that support intellectual giftedness, creativity, leadership, and women's issues. Currently, Dr. Rockenstein is directing The Athena Project: Creating Pathways to Eminence for Gifted Women and Girls. Her work in this area resulted in an invitation to speak at Oxford University in England and will soon be published.In her leisure time, Dr. Rockenstein enjoys organic gardening, bluegrass music, quilting, and throwing tennis balls for her tireless German shepherd dogs Venus and Serena.

Leslie Valdes

Dr. Leslie Valdes
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 308 Whitney House
Telephone: 320-308-3092
Email: lavaldes@stcloudstate.edu

Dr. Valdes teaches the introductory and research oriented courses in addition to courses in her area of expertise, cognitive psychology. Her research interests include visual attention, memory, and effective use of computers in the classroom. She is also an advisor to the local chapter of Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology majors.


Linda Williams

Ms. Linda Williams
Office Manager

102 Whitney House

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