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Dr. Mary Bodvarsson Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa

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Dr. Daren Protolipac Presents Keynote
Address at the 2012 Meadowbrook Safety Day

Daren Protolipac Daren S. Protolipac, Ph. D., Director of SCSU I-O Graduate Program, presented “The Role of Occupational Health Psychology in Understanding Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention” at the 2012 Meadowbrook Safety Day on Nov. 29, 212 (St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center).

The session focused on the role psychology plays in understanding safety promotion and injury prevention. Specifically, the talk addressed how psychological theories, such as Worksite Health Interventions, PATH model, and Balance Model, can be applied to develop, assess, evaluate, and create action plans in order to increase safety promotion and injury prevention awareness in organizations.

Recent Publications in the Psychology Department

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