SCSU psychology bachelors degree programs

Psychology or Community Psychology?

The discipline of psychology covers a wide range of topics. In fact, the American Psychology Association ( has 54 active divisions or specialties. At the undergraduate level, SCSU has two programs. There is the Psychology program in the Psychology Department in the College of Liberal Arts (, and Community Psychology program which is housed in the Counseling, Community Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy Department in the School of Health & Human Services (

Psychology is a 41 credit major which emphasizes core courses in scientific methods and foundation courses in the major subfields of psychology. This program requires a minor (or year of foreign language).

Community Psychology major is a 44 credit program that is focused on counseling and behavior analysis. It does not require a minor.

At the undergraduate degree level, both programs are equivalent as far as employment. It is not possible to practice professionally as a psychologist without at least a Masters degree. You should speak with an advisor about which program may be most appropriate for your interests and career goals.

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