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Subigya Shakya

Subigya "suBi" Shakya aspires to be an animation developer, creating the sequences that pass for reality in major motion pictures.

At A.M. Design Group, Subigya Shakya '08 is practicing what his professors preached.

"I had a class for pre-press and production and everything that I learned in that class is implemented here at the studio and much more," said the graphic design major. "The process for executing a design is exactly how we do it in our design classes."

Shakya is interning with the suburban Cleveland, Ohio, design studio, which creates communications, marketing, advertising and public relations solutions. His job is a mix of print and Web design, using the the same software applications he cut his teeth on 20 hours a week as a work study designer in the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center.

Shakya uses Dreamweaver and GoLive for Web projects. On the print side he uses InDesign and Illustrator.

"Whatever the project is, it will always use some kind of manipulation in Photoshop CS3," he added.

The Kathmandu, Nepal, native expects to graduate in December 2008. He hopes to land a job where he can do multimedia and Web-interface development. Long-term, he'd like to become an animation developer.