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Building a broadcasting career

Candace Leyk

Candace Leyk’s documentary video about the history of baseball in St. Cloud won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Mass Communications major Candace Leyk has taken full advantage of the classroom and real-world offerings at St. Cloud State University. She’s soaked up knowledge from Mass Communications and Honors Program faculty, worked in broadcasting on- and off-campus, and studied in Chile.

Leyk shoots, writes and edits documentary and promotional videos for the City of St. Cloud’s Media Services Division. Her work there, and at UTVS, the student-run television station, should pave the way for an outstanding broadcasting career.

“She will appear some day on the Home and Garden network or the Discovery Channel,” said Gregg Engdahl, one of her City of St. Cloud supervisors. “She’s effervescent.”

Leyk graduated in 2007. She is pursuing her master's degree at St. Cloud State.