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Peg and Larry Meyer

Their personal partnership began at St. Cloud State when Peg was editor of the Talahi yearbook and Larry was student government president.

Peg Ford Meyer ’70 and Larry Meyer ’71 share a passion for leadership activities. Larry worked on the Minnesota governor’s staff and served as city council member and mayor of St. Cloud. He was a 1996 recipient of the SCSU Distinguished Alumni Award.

Peg was an English teacher and publications director for St. Cloud State University. She has been an organizer and leader of Forum for Executive Women, Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota and St. Cloud Business Center. She also was the 2006 recipient of the SCSU Alumni Service Award.

Larry and Peg enjoyed successful careers in the business world, founding companies of regional and national significance, including Meyer Associates, Meyer Commercial and Meyer Marketing. At one point their companies employed more than 400 people.

The couple sold their businesses, retired and moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Despite the distance, they remain connected to the University. Recently, they endowed the Grace Scholarship, which annually provides $3,500 for a deserving student.